#iamgb video features global Girls’ Brigade transformation stories
The #iamgb video features global Girls’ Brigade transformation stories
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About Girls' Brigade Worldwide

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Girls’ Brigade is a relational, relevant and responsive worldwide movement focused on working amongst girls and women.

We are passionate to see Girls’ lives transformed : God’s world enriched

That’s why we empower girls, children and young women in local communities around the world to be themselves, to develop and use their gifts and skills, and to discover what it means to have life to the full in their generation.

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Around the world, Girls' Brigade:
provides safe, fun and challenging friendship groups for all ages to enjoy
trains and equips (primarily) young women to take a lead
initiates projects that raise hope in local communities
produces resources that help explore what it means to have ‘life to the full’

Latest news:

Book review: The Tortoise Usually Wins


The Tortoise Usually Wins Biblical Reflections on Quiet Leadership for Reluctant Leaders Author – Brian Harris.  First Published – 2013 by Paternoster   Some people seem born to lead.  It is hard to dispute this.  Observe the playground of your local kindergarten and you will quickly pick those kids who delight in taking charge ofRead this news story

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#iamgb video launches on 11 October 2016


Over the last year, GB International has been asking you how being part of The Girls’ Brigade has changed your life! Over 180 girls and leaders from 14 different countries, completed the following sentence: ‘Because of GB, I am…’ Loved. A leader. Creative. Happy. Courageous. Free. Transformed. These are just a small sample of your responses.Read this news story

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Tonga Training YES Training


It was Tuesday night. Imagine the scene. Blue skies, beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodation and friendly faces. That’s what Jennifer (Box) and I found when we arrived in the beautiful Tongan Islands back in August.

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