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International President’s Committee 2017

Published on August 14, 2017

Do you recognise this group of GB friends?  They are Poh Imm, Renelle, Vivienne,  Lynne, Hazel-Ann, Claire and Priscilla, the International President’s Committee. They are the people who will represent you when they meet at the end of August in Singapore. Please pray for them as they travel and talk together.

If you’re wondering what  they will be talking about? The answer is just about anything you can think of that will impact our work:

  • They’ll share the good news stories of where, in our GB world, new doors of opportunity have been opened  for us
  • They’ll hear how THE GATHERING 2017 has impacted lives of the 87 young people attending from 15 countries
  • They’ll make further plans for how we can encourage you in our  125th birthday year developing our 2018 theme of ‘FRUITFUL and OVERFLOWING’
  • They’ll attend to issues of governance and reflect on the effectiveness of our role
  • They’ll further our plans for ICGB 2018 in Zambia – we hope you’ve booked your place but you’re not too late. Find out here
  • They’ll continue to review how GB around the world is and should be making paradigm shifts to keep us relevant and fit for mission in the 21st

If you want to keep in touch and find out the significance of some of these things then keep your eye on our facebook page during the week we are meeting and be informed.


Published on August 14, 2017

So, the second GBI Gathering is over! Our days were filled with wonderful programmes, devotions, worship and the opportunity to shape GB in the next few years on the worldwide stage. Of course, there were challenges for the 87 delegates from 13 countries, but laughter, good humour and tolerance pulled us together. Sharing cultures, ideas and activities will definitely allow us to enhance our GB programmes at home.

Internationally, there will be impact as The President’s Committed review the thoughts of THE GATHERING delegates. Those coming to ICGB 2018 will also be able to hear about the projects for advocacy and future development that have resulted from this awesome event.


Read more on GBI Facebook page or THE GATHERING Facebook page 




Published on August 14, 2017

Around 90 delegates from around the continent of Africa met at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Accra, for their biennial conference. After opening worship, with members of THE GATHERING and a parade with the Ghanaian National Band, they met to conduct the business of the fellowship.

They were privileged to have with them our International President who led them through the week, in exploring their theme ‘GO BUILD A NEW NATION FOR GOD’S KINGDOM.’    Alongside all that, they welcomed a range of speakers who helped them to explore the multitude of issues prevalent in their African cultures, which affect the girls in their countries. Prompted by the International President they also considered the traditions in GB which may hinder rather than help GB in attracting young people for Jesus. 

At their final business meeting the Fellowship commissioned Aruk Omori (Nigeria) as she prepares to take up her newly elected role as IVP Africa. Priscila Penny (Zimbabwe) was thanked for her eight years of faithful service to the Fellowship. Please pray for both these ladies of God during their period of transition. 

125 years – Happy Birthday Girls’ Brigade!

Published on August 14, 2017

Next year 2018, GB celebrates 125 years of faithful and fruitful ministry.   Now is the time to plan! What will you be doing to celebrate in your fellowship, in your country, in your local company?

Internationally we have designed a special logo shown here  and we are, of course gathering in Zambia for ICGB 2018, more details here, but as a worldwide family we would ask that EVERYONE does something to acknowledge the impact that GB had had on the lives of young women through the years.  Here are some key thoughts to help you on your way.

  • Celebrate the past ….. but look to the FUTURE as well.
  • Engage your current girls and young women in the events – they are the ‘NOW’  of GB
  • Tell stories about the impact of GB in transforming lives
  • Emphasise how our faithful God has led us, is leading us and will lead us on
  • Ensure that our celebrations have an outward face to the world – tell our story.

International Day of the Girl 2017

Published on August 14, 2017

#GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 – UN’s International Day of the Girl (IDG) – Girls’ Brigade International is mobilising the global family to continue to pray and advocate with and for the Chibok girls (and many others impacted by Boko Haram violence).

We’re thankful that 167 young women have returned to their families but currently 113 girls remain missing since their abduction on 14 April 2014; some of them are GB members. #IDG2017 marks their 1,276th day of captivity.

On #IDG2017, Girls’ Brigade is inviting its members and friends to participate in a simple creative prayer exercise and social media activity to raise awareness and mobilise the wider Church to continue to pray; to say that we believe hope endures.

The creative activity includes using colourful hand templates to pray for specific named girls. It encourages members and groups to upload photos of decorated hands on social media to make a powerful impact, raise awareness and mobilise others to join in.

You can download this short adaptable GB prayer resource and use it in GB, in church or in many other ways. The prayer can be linked with practical action through GB International’s Cards of Hope initiative or through the Hope for Girls resource. And remember, it can be used any time.

DOWNLOAD: #GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

The resource also provides an update on the complex situation in Nigeria and urges us to pray for these young women, the many other people who have been affected by violence as well as their families.

As a movement, Girls’ Brigade cares about how girls around the world are treated. We aim to bring hope into girls’ lives, and freedom brings hope! That’s why Girls’ Brigade members from around the world are joining together o #IDG2017 to pray for the Chibok school girls in Nigeria (six of whom are members of The Girls’ Brigade).

Please join us as we continue to raise hope for girls.


Africa Fellowship Leaders’ Conference 2017

Published on July 14, 2017


What a challenge this is!

Please pray for our GB friends from Africa who are gathering together in Accra, Ghana, for their Fellowship conference in August. They are privileged to be partnering with Guest Facilitators: Kimberly M. Speights (Founder/Executive Director of Empowered to Overcome Inc.) and Bianca Hawk (Leadership & Mentoring Program, LAMP Director. Find out more

A perfect day

Published on June 1, 2017

Congratulations to GB International Administrator Vikki Aggasild who married Adam Loveday on Saturday 29 April 2017.

The happy couple tied the knot at Vikki’s church, Central Methodist Church in Sheffield, and then celebrated with friends and family at Swallownest Miners’ Welfare Club. The reception included a hog roast, activities for the children attending, and a photo booth.

Vikki, who also works for GB England & Wales was surprised by a guard of honour as she left the church made up of members from her GB group, 1st Swallownest.

She says ‘We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day and were genuinely overwhelmed with everyone who came to celebrate with us, and for all of their kind wishes and gifts. We’d love to do it all again! We’re truly blessed!’

Vikki and Adam will be going on honeymoon to Lanzarote in June.

The Gathering 2017 – meet the team

Published on May 31, 2017

The Gathering 2017 – meet the global planning team…

Bringing together over 60 leaders from across the Girls’ Brigade family, The Gathering 2017 will be held in Accra in Ghana on 5 – 12 August 2017. Building on the positive impact of the 2013 event in South Africa, The Gathering 2017 will bring together 18 – 35 year old GB women for a week of fun, faith development and fellowship.

GB International has commissioned a team of young women from across the world to plan and lead the event – let’s meet them.


Meet Chris (27) from Scotland (Girls’ Brigade Europe). She is The Gathering Facilitator and helps to lead the programme planning team.

Things that make me happy are puppies, frogs and Doctor Who.

How long have you been a member of GB? 22 years

Because of GB, I am… ME!

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… have a stronger heart for GB and God’s plans for it.

My personal prayer request is… that everything comes together as it should.

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? How can you use me today?


Meet Naa, 35, from Ghana (Girls’ Brigade Africa). She’s helping to lead the Ghana team who want to make sure that you feel right at home.

Things that make me happy are being with my GB sisters. Reading. Cooking.

How long have you been a member of GB? 17 years.

Because of GB, I am… bold, confident and empowered.

What excites you most about The Gathering? The opportunity to meet GBers from all over the world and to learn and experience Christ with them as well as make new friends.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… have an even better and more closer walk with the Lord and learn ways to transform girls’ lves.

My personal prayer request is… to know the Lord better and continue to work in his vineyard.

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? Thank you Lord for making me your child.


Meet Sam, 31, from England (Girls’ Brigade Europe). She’s helping to plan and lead the Participation and Community sessions. 

Things that make me happy are Girls’ Brigade, my friends & family including my cat Jaffa, visiting new places and learning new things.

How long have you been a member of GB? Since I was a teenager. I was a bit older when I joined GB.

Because of GB, I am…who I am today. It is thanks to GB that I joined the church, became a Christian and do the work I do.

What excites you most about The Gathering? It is bringing together the GB family.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… learn more about yourselves, GB in other countries and feel closer to God.

My personal prayer request is… That I manage my work load to help me make time for all the Gathering planning work.


Meet Naomi, 26, from New Zealand (Girls’ Brigade Pacific). She’s helping to plan the Celebration and Advocacy sessions.

How long have you been a member of GB? 20 years

Because of GB, I am… part of a large global family with friends wherever I go.

Do you have a funny GB memory? If so, please share:

Looking back when I was about 10 and a bit mischievous I can remember we were doing a craft which involved scissors.  I decided it was fun to test my hand eye coordination (which anyone who knows me will know this isn’t one of my strong points) by repeatedly shutting the scissors on a finger but trying to get the finger out before it closes.  My leader told me to stop … but I kept going.  Sure enough I ended up getting my finger which I thought was a pretty reasonable cut but I was too ashamed to admit it so I tried to keep my finger behind my back so that the leader wouldn’t notice.

What excites you most about The Gathering?  It is a gathering of my family!  An excellent opportunity to celebrate was has been GB but also to look forward to what could be future GB.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… return home with a contagious passion after a week of being extended, equipped and empowered.

My personal prayer request is… Wisdom and time management.


Meet Esther, 26, from Nigeria (Girls’ Brigade Africa). She’s helping to plan the Equipping and Discipleship sessions.

Things that make me happy are having friends around and seeing people growing in their faith.

How long have you been a member of GB? From a very young age.

Because of GB, I am… loved by all and I am limitless.

What excites you most about The Gathering? A great opportunity of meeting with G.B. members around the world and also friends that feared God.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… be transformed and well equipped..

My personal prayer request is… God should bless me and give me more of His wisdom to seek, serve and follow Christ.


Tracy, 36, from ‘Sunny Singapore’ (Girls’ Brigade Asia). She’s helping to plan the Equipping and Participation sessions. 

Things that make me happy are travelling around the world, scuba diving and seeing how people grow from experiences .

How long have you been a member of GB? Since I was 8 years old (that’s a long time!).

Because of GB, I am… who and what I am today.

What excites you most about The Gathering? About meeting GB girls from all over the world!!!

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… Be rejuvenated and excited about God’s work in GB all over the world and know that you are not alone.

My personal prayer request is… serenity as I juggle my work commitment and the opportunity to attend the Gathering as well as journey’s mercies as I explore Africa after the Gathering.


Meet Safiya, 28, from Trinidad & Tobago (Girls’ Brigade Caribbean-Americas). She’s responsible for the Community and Celebration sessions.

Things that make me happy are travelling to new countries & eating new foods

What excites you most about The Gathering? Meeting up with friends I have not seen for some time and forming new relationships.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that you will…  gain knowledge on all lessons taught and be able to educate girls

My personal prayer request is lives will be transformed for the betterment of God’s kingdom

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? Am I living a life that is pleasing to you?


Please continue to pray for the planning team (including the logistics team in Ghana) and all the participants attending this exciting event in August!


Published on April 6, 2017

Girls’ Brigade’s aim and values are the same the world over!  Girls and young women meet together to learn about God, to develop their self-esteem, to learn new skills and to have fun with their friends.  Members all wear the same badge as they ‘Seek , Serve and Follow Christ’  and through GB’s work ‘Girls’ lives are transformed  and God’s world is enriched.’ But though GB is in many ways the same the world over, there are some things we all do differently.

We are preparing to launch a series of fact sheets which will put the SPOTLIGHT on GB in different countries.  Discover what happens in GB in parts of Africa, The Pacific, Europe, Asia and The Caribbean and Americas. Find out what GB members wear, what programmes they follow, what  awards they earn and what life is like in their country.

Watch this space!  Coming soon!

Vanuatu Adventure

Published on April 4, 2017

It started with, Kaylene Trembath (from GB NSW) and myself arriving at 11.30pm on Wednesday 25th January and we were met by our hosts, Jill, National Secretary and Shirley, the National Commissioner of Vanuatu.  The next day the adventure commenced.

The training started with about 18 – 20 ladies for the next three days.  And what three days it was.  There was laughter, tears, blessings and very eager ladies who wanted to learn so much.  They came from islands to the south of the main island, Efate, and islands to the north.  What dedication these ladies had, some didn’t know anything of Brigade so we were starting from scratch.  One of the ladies thought that Girls’ Brigade was all Marching and Flag Raising, she was in for big shock.

Some ladies stayed at the Church Hall and others travelled in each day.  They learnt the History of Brigade, how to run a company, Officers training, programming, different craft ideas and how to include them in the badgework, games, different ways of doing devotions, Brigade Knowledge, the different awards and lots of other Brigade things, and of course drill.

On the Saturday afternoon, we had a special presentation of Certificates of Participation, which they all received, and the younger girls (3 girls aged 13) also received some special things.  There were lots of hugs and big smile on their faces.  All the ladies were excited to go home to their Churches to start Brigade.

On Sunday, we attended a Church Parade service, in which we were asked to take part, at the conclusion of the service we stood at the door to shake everyone’s hands and even received hugs from some of the ladies.  The singing before the service was so magical, they have a wonderful youth group who sang in perfect English.  Even when the words were in Vanuatuan it was still magical.

Jill and her husband, Adous, took us for a drive to showed us their lovely island, white sands, coral beaches and blue seas.  We learnt a lot about Vanuatu.  We also visited some of the ladies in their homes, the ones who live on the main island of Efate.

Monday, we had a day out to unwind and prepare for the next day of visiting the Presbyterian Christian Education Department and also more Churches and ladies.

The stories of some of these women is truly amazing.  One lady, Helen, came along because she wanted to start GB in her Church.  She had not been involved in Brigade and was so passionate to learn.  We visited her on the Tuesday and she told us that God has been so good to her, she is a very simple lady and her granddaughter was so inspired by her grandmother that she went out and arranged to purchase a lap top for her, so she could move with the time, and she was going to teach her how to use it.  I asked Helen how she was doing to get the girls to come to Brigade, and her answer was “on the way to the Church I would just gather them as I pass through the villages on route”.  I was so touched by Helen I just wanted to hug her.  This is just one of the stories that we have to tell.

Three ladies left for their homes on the Monday morning, by boat, these islands were north of Efate.  Jill received a message on the Tuesday morning, to say that they had arrived ok.  It took them nearly 20 hours to get home to their island.  What amazing dedication these women have.

Our visit to the Children’s Education department, was another wonderful experience.  We met with Johnny Albert, the overseer of the Department, and he was so supportive of Brigades.  They would also like to get BB up and running as well, and I sure that this will happen.  Jill, Kaylene and myself came away from the meeting feeling overwhelmed with the outcome.

The whole time that we were in Port Villa we felt God with us, it was such an awesome feeling of peace and we were very blessing to have been able to share our knowledge of Girls’ Brigade and these ladies.

A big thanks to Jill and Shirley for the hospitality that we received during our time with them.

Kaylene and I returned to Sydney on the Wednesday evening full of wonderful memories of these lovely ladies and our training in Vanuatu.

Renelle Neale


Kaylene Trembath

NSW Training Coordinator

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