125 years – Happy Birthday Girls’ Brigade!

Published on August 14, 2017

Next year 2018, GB celebrates 125 years of faithful and fruitful ministry.   Now is the time to plan! What will you be doing to celebrate in your fellowship, in your country, in your local company?

Internationally we have designed a special logo shown here  and we are, of course gathering in Zambia for ICGB 2018, more details here, but as a worldwide family we would ask that EVERYONE does something to acknowledge the impact that GB had had on the lives of young women through the years.  Here are some key thoughts to help you on your way.

  • Celebrate the past ….. but look to the FUTURE as well.
  • Engage your current girls and young women in the events – they are the ‘NOW’  of GB
  • Tell stories about the impact of GB in transforming lives
  • Emphasise how our faithful God has led us, is leading us and will lead us on
  • Ensure that our celebrations have an outward face to the world – tell our story.

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