Christmas Message 2018

Published on December 19, 2018

Dear Friends

I am privileged that I have been invited to share a Christmas thought with you all, as we come to the end of this year of celebration of 125 years of fruitful ministry for Girls’ Brigade.  As I sit here, I am conscious that we will soon be surrounded by all things Christmassy:

good food and drink (too much),

pressies and cards (too many),

crackers and carols (too noisy)

shopping and cooking (too busy)

Whether you love all the trappings of Christmas or whether you find it all too much, I trust you will have time this Christmas to take a new look at the old story.

Jesus, God’s son, made man,

born in Bethlehem, the promised Messiah come to earth!

But, Christmas will come and go and soon we will find ourselves in a new year. For GB a new era will be born as we move on from our hectic year of celebrations. There will be more busy-ness, new agendas, new goals, new year’s resolutions. But, have you ever noticed how all those who took part in the Christmas narrative returned from Christmas in ‘a different place’?

Mary went to Bethlehem a virgin

and returned Mary the Mother of God’s son

(with new things to ponder) 

Joseph went to Bethlehem a young fiancé

and returned as protector of the most holy gift

(with a new role) 

The Shepherds went to Bethlehem to see a baby born

and returned glorifying and praising God

(with a new joy) 

The wise men went to Bethlehem to find the new born King

and returned ‘another way’

(with new eyes)

And what of you and me?  When we return to our desks, to our roles, to our busy diaries….. will anything be different because we have revisited the birth of the Messiah? I pray that you may have new eyes too to see what God wants you to do for Him differently, as we seek to be relevant to the 21st century mission we pursue.


Blessings of Christmas to you all – love, joy and peace!  


(Immediate Past International President)

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