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Girls' lives transformed, God's world enriched


Girls' lives enriched, God's world transformed

Pacific Fellowship


That all countries in the Girls’ Brigade Pacific Fellowship will be united and equal partners in caring, sharing and in teaching of each other.

Three girls from GB New Zealand
Priscilla and Renelle

Countries in Pacific Fellowship

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Activities, Goals and Vision for the Fellowship:

The Vision/Goal of the Pacific is to establish five new countries in the Pacific as well as continue to grow Girls’ Brigade by 2024.

Prayers for the coming Activities in the Pacific:

In the Pacific in January Girls’ Brigade Australia are holding a Fonomarae in Victoria Australia, while Girls’ Brigade New Zealand are also holding a Fonomarae in Wellington New Zealand.  At the Fonomarae in Wellington there are contingents from Hong Kong and Singapore joining from the Asian Fellowship and Papua New Guinea, Niue and Australia are joining from the Pacific Fellowship.

In January, Girls’ Brigade Cook Islands are holding their National Conference and AGM.

In April 2024 the Pacific AGM Conference is being held in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in New South Wales Australia. At this conference the elect IVP and her deputy will take up their positions, for the Pacific Fellowship.  Mrs. Renelle Neale will be stepping down as IVP, a position that she has held for the past 8 years.

GB girls on a camping trip in Australia
Girls cleaning up the beach
Renelle Neale
Renelle Neale

I was re-elected in 2019 for a further term of office, starting in 2020. The achievements that have happened during this term was to review the Handbooks of the Island countries, re-print them and distribute them. Also adding Resources so that they can enhance their Badgework.

I have been able to start to build up relationships between countries and the IVP. There are so many memories that have fill the past three years, while I have been in this position, the visit to the countries and the encouragement that I have received from all.

The journey with the Officers/Leaders and the girls has been overwhelming, I can see that God is at work in the Pacific.

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