#bringbackourgirls – 150 days on

Published on September 10, 2014

What have you done over the last 150 days?

11 September 2014 marks 150 days since over 200 Chibok school girls in Nigeria were abducted by Boko Haram – 150 days without love and family; 150 days without freedom of choice.

Girls’ Brigade cares for girls because God cares for girls. We believe in hope for the Chibok girls. As a GB family, let’s join and act together. Here’s two things that you can do:

1. Be a voice for the voiceless on social media

If you’re on social media, like Twitter and Facebook, you can sign up for our Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a website that allows people to pledge a social media post. When you click the link and choose ‘Support with Facebook’, ‘Support with Twitter’ or ‘Support with Tumblr’, we’ll send this message through your account, at a certain time on 11 September.

GB believes in #hopeforgirls. Missing for 150 days but not forgotten. Send hope to Chibok families #bringbackourgirls

The message includes a link to Open Doors, a Christian charity that is encouraging us to write messages of hope, encouragement and love to the Chibok families.

On 11 September, you could also ​change your social media profile picture to one of yourself holding up the #bringbackourgirls sign and with your mouth taped shut (signifying the silence of the girls).

2. Pray together

Let’s join together on 11 September and create a tidal wave of prayer across the world for these young women and their families. With the help of GB members and Open Doors, GB International has created a prayer resource.

It includes some prayer points as well as creative prayer activities which you can use with your GB group. You can use it any time – not just around 11 September. Let’s be a united voice of hope together.

3. Spread messages of hope

Let’s be hope-givers today. GB International has collaborated with Open Doors to enable our members to send messages of hope to the Chibok families. Help them hope that their tomorrow can be different from today. You can send your message of hope here


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