Girls’ Brigade will be turning up the volume of hope at the United Nations

After a 15 month application process, the International President’s Committee is pleased to announce that Girls’ Brigade International has been accredited with special consultative NGO status by the United Nations. This is an integral part of Girls’ Brigade International’s future advocacy strategy moving forward and an achievement to celebrate on our 125th birthday year.

Girls’ Brigade International President Mrs Priscilla Penny from Zimbabwe shares: ‘We thank God for this tremendous opportunity to turn up the volume of Gospel hope for girls in this influential global forum. Being recognised by the United Nations will amplify GB International’s platform to advocate for and with girls on gender justice issues and help empower girls to transform their communities. As one of only a few recognised Christian organisations focussing on transforming girls’ lives, Girls’ Brigade has a huge opportunity to show how faith can make a difference in the lives of girls.’

What does having consultative status mean?

Having consultative status enables GB International and our members to:

  • Provide expert analysis on gender justice issues
  • Help raise public awareness of gender justice issues on the global stage
  • Play a major role in advancing United Nations goals and objectives on gender equality
  • Attend international conferences and events for free
  • Make written and oral statements to United Nations and influence policy making
  • Organize events at United Nations
  • Have opportunities to network and lobby (and make fundraising contacts)

It also enables Girls’ Brigade International to have a presence at the annual Commission of the Status of Women (CSW).

What is the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)?

The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global policymaking body dedicated to gender equality and advancement of women. The Commission meets annually for a period of 10 working days each March in New York to evaluate progress on gender equality, identify challenges, set global standards and formulate concrete policies to promote gender equality and advancement of women worldwide.

Attending CSW would enable GB International to contribute our unique faith-based Gospel hope perspective, influence global policies affecting girls and women and network with high-level individuals and organisations leading to collaborative partnerships.

A few members of the International President’s Committee will be attending CSW in March 2019 in order to assess future opportunities. It is hoped that in future years, GB members of all ages will attend to develop advocacy, communication and leadership skills and faciltate faith-based workshops at the event.

Why is Girls’ Brigade developing an advocacy strategy?

Over the last few years, GBI has been developing its advocacy emphasis along with its missional and evangelistic ethos.

GBI President Mrs Priscilla Penny explains: ‘GBI’s advocacy development is about equipping girls and young women to turn up the volume of Gospel hope for girls in communities across the world. Girls’ Brigade cares for girls because God cares for girls. GB wants to celebrate the value and potential of girls and women across the world as they’re made in God’s image. After all, that’s what Jesus did.’

‘Unfortunately in many places, it is very challenging to be a girl. I’m more likely to not be able to read and write because I’m a girl. I’m more likely to have tears of sorrow (not tears of joy) on my wedding day because I’m a girl. I’m more likely not to have a choice about where and when my first sexual experience happens because I’m a girl.’

‘But there is always hope. God has used Girls’ Brigade to help girls flourish across the world by providing life skills, a caring family of leaders who invest in them and empowering girls to discover ‘life to the full’.’ Let’s continue to bring Gospel hope to lives and communities across the world.’

On 11 October 2018, the UN’s International Day of the Girl, GBI will be launching its new social activism toolkit to enable girls to transform their communities. It will be free to download from the GB International website.

Dr Claire Rush, International Vice-President for Europe, shares: ‘GB members across the world are transformers, generations-shapers and hope-bringers! This free resource will help enable them to challenge injustices in their own community in creative ways and transform lives. It is part of our on-going advocacy strategy to enable girls and young women to turn up the volume of hope in their own communities.’

This new resource builds on the Hope For Girls resource which explores gender injustice across the world.

How can UN recognition help my GB group and GB country?

Watch this space for more information about how this news can impact your GB group in a positive way.

A Family Gathering – ICGB 2018

GBI is a family and one of the best things about families is the ability to talk, share together and support one another both in times of celebration and in times of challenge.

One of our major events in this our birthday year, will be our gathering for ICGB in Livingstone, Zambia from 21-28th July. During ICGB 2018 members of our GB family will make strategic decisions regarding the ongoing mission of GB.  We will also share meals with friends from other parts of the family, experience worship from around the globe, sit next to family members who we’ve never met before and hear about their joys and share their challenges.

Time is running out to book your place and share this experience, but there is still time. Find all the information you need here and come and join us.

Come On and Celebrate!

In 2018 we will be celebrating 125 years of fruitful mission. Our theme for the year, based on Jesus’ words in John 15 v.1-7, will be ‘FRUITFUL & OVERFLOWING’.

Wherever you are, whatever part you play in GB, take every opportunity to share all that God has done through GB over the last 125 years. But, more importantly let’s make sure that everyone knows that GB is alive and well impacting lives and enriching communities every week in 2018. We would love to hear how you celebrate our ministry. Send your pictures and stories here.



‘You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.’  Romans 5:6

It does not seem possible that another year has passed and we are in Advent once again, with Christmas almost here!  Advent is, of course, the time when we are waiting, expecting, hoping, anticipating the coming of Jesus.

This Advent it has struck me anew that it was only when the ‘time was right’ that God came down to earth in the person of Jesus. His people had been waiting for centuries and then God stepped in and what a difference it made! History changed. The time was right, the waiting was over and God was at work in a special way!

Those first century bystanders, were changed by their experience of ‘Emmanuel’ and it was then that the anticipation, excitement, hopes and dreams came to fruition. When the shepherds saw the baby they were so impacted that they left ‘full of joy and praising God.’ For the wise-men, their journey to Bethlehem resulted in a new perception and understanding. We are told they returned ‘a different way,’ as they left Bethlehem and they were no doubt ‘different’ spiritually too because of their encounter with the Christ Child. When Mary saw her new born son, the Saviour of the world, it caused her to meditate ‘on all these things.’

Let’s take time, over this Christmas period, to ‘treasure these things in our heart’ Then we, like the wise men, may return from the Christmas experience ‘a different way’ with new understanding and enthused, like the shepherds, ready to make known His story – after all that’s what GB is all about!

2018 is a special year for GB as we celebrate our 125th birthday. We are going to celebrate because we have a great story to tell, but it is not our (GB’s) story. It is the story of God at work in the lives of so many. But beyond this my challenge to you is this…… in the long story of GB’s ministry what is 2018 the ‘right time’ for us to do with God? Let’s anticipate, expect, hope, dream what He may wish to accomplish through GB in the year ahead and let’s tune in to Him so that our ministry may continue to be FRUITFUL & OVERFLOWING.


Christmas blessings to you all!


International President

International President’s Committee 2017

Do you recognise this group of GB friends?  They are Poh Imm, Renelle, Vivienne,  Lynne, Hazel-Ann, Claire and Priscilla, the International President’s Committee. They are the people who will represent you when they meet at the end of August in Singapore. Please pray for them as they travel and talk together.

If you’re wondering what  they will be talking about? The answer is just about anything you can think of that will impact our work:

  • They’ll share the good news stories of where, in our GB world, new doors of opportunity have been opened  for us
  • They’ll hear how THE GATHERING 2017 has impacted lives of the 87 young people attending from 15 countries
  • They’ll make further plans for how we can encourage you in our  125th birthday year developing our 2018 theme of ‘FRUITFUL and OVERFLOWING’
  • They’ll attend to issues of governance and reflect on the effectiveness of our role
  • They’ll further our plans for ICGB 2018 in Zambia – we hope you’ve booked your place but you’re not too late. Find out here
  • They’ll continue to review how GB around the world is and should be making paradigm shifts to keep us relevant and fit for mission in the 21st

If you want to keep in touch and find out the significance of some of these things then keep your eye on our facebook page during the week we are meeting and be informed.


So, the second GBI Gathering is over! Our days were filled with wonderful programmes, devotions, worship and the opportunity to shape GB in the next few years on the worldwide stage. Of course, there were challenges for the 87 delegates from 13 countries, but laughter, good humour and tolerance pulled us together. Sharing cultures, ideas and activities will definitely allow us to enhance our GB programmes at home.

Internationally, there will be impact as The President’s Committed review the thoughts of THE GATHERING delegates. Those coming to ICGB 2018 will also be able to hear about the projects for advocacy and future development that have resulted from this awesome event.


Read more on GBI Facebook page or THE GATHERING Facebook page 



125 years – Happy Birthday Girls’ Brigade!

Next year 2018, GB celebrates 125 years of faithful and fruitful ministry.   Now is the time to plan! What will you be doing to celebrate in your fellowship, in your country, in your local company?

Internationally we have designed a special logo shown here  and we are, of course gathering in Zambia for ICGB 2018, more details here, but as a worldwide family we would ask that EVERYONE does something to acknowledge the impact that GB had had on the lives of young women through the years.  Here are some key thoughts to help you on your way.

  • Celebrate the past ….. but look to the FUTURE as well.
  • Engage your current girls and young women in the events – they are the ‘NOW’  of GB
  • Tell stories about the impact of GB in transforming lives
  • Emphasise how our faithful God has led us, is leading us and will lead us on
  • Ensure that our celebrations have an outward face to the world – tell our story.

International Day of the Girl 2017

#GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 – UN’s International Day of the Girl (IDG) – Girls’ Brigade International is mobilising the global family to continue to pray and advocate with and for the Chibok girls (and many others impacted by Boko Haram violence).

We’re thankful that 167 young women have returned to their families but currently 113 girls remain missing since their abduction on 14 April 2014; some of them are GB members. #IDG2017 marks their 1,276th day of captivity.

On #IDG2017, Girls’ Brigade is inviting its members and friends to participate in a simple creative prayer exercise and social media activity to raise awareness and mobilise the wider Church to continue to pray; to say that we believe hope endures.

The creative activity includes using colourful hand templates to pray for specific named girls. It encourages members and groups to upload photos of decorated hands on social media to make a powerful impact, raise awareness and mobilise others to join in.

You can download this short adaptable GB prayer resource and use it in GB, in church or in many other ways. The prayer can be linked with practical action through GB International’s Cards of Hope initiative or through the Hope for Girls resource. And remember, it can be used any time.

DOWNLOAD: #GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

The resource also provides an update on the complex situation in Nigeria and urges us to pray for these young women, the many other people who have been affected by violence as well as their families.

As a movement, Girls’ Brigade cares about how girls around the world are treated. We aim to bring hope into girls’ lives, and freedom brings hope! That’s why Girls’ Brigade members from around the world are joining together o #IDG2017 to pray for the Chibok school girls in Nigeria (six of whom are members of The Girls’ Brigade).

Please join us as we continue to raise hope for girls.


The Gathering 2017 – meet the team

The Gathering 2017 – meet the global planning team…

Bringing together over 60 leaders from across the Girls’ Brigade family, The Gathering 2017 will be held in Accra in Ghana on 5 – 12 August 2017. Building on the positive impact of the 2013 event in South Africa, The Gathering 2017 will bring together 18 – 35 year old GB women for a week of fun, faith development and fellowship.

GB International has commissioned a team of young women from across the world to plan and lead the event – let’s meet them.


Meet Chris (27) from Scotland (Girls’ Brigade Europe). She is The Gathering Facilitator and helps to lead the programme planning team.

Things that make me happy are puppies, frogs and Doctor Who.

How long have you been a member of GB? 22 years

Because of GB, I am… ME!

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… have a stronger heart for GB and God’s plans for it.

My personal prayer request is… that everything comes together as it should.

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? How can you use me today?


Meet Naa, 35, from Ghana (Girls’ Brigade Africa). She’s helping to lead the Ghana team who want to make sure that you feel right at home.

Things that make me happy are being with my GB sisters. Reading. Cooking.

How long have you been a member of GB? 17 years.

Because of GB, I am… bold, confident and empowered.

What excites you most about The Gathering? The opportunity to meet GBers from all over the world and to learn and experience Christ with them as well as make new friends.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… have an even better and more closer walk with the Lord and learn ways to transform girls’ lves.

My personal prayer request is… to know the Lord better and continue to work in his vineyard.

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? Thank you Lord for making me your child.


Meet Sam, 31, from England (Girls’ Brigade Europe). She’s helping to plan and lead the Participation and Community sessions. 

Things that make me happy are Girls’ Brigade, my friends & family including my cat Jaffa, visiting new places and learning new things.

How long have you been a member of GB? Since I was a teenager. I was a bit older when I joined GB.

Because of GB, I am…who I am today. It is thanks to GB that I joined the church, became a Christian and do the work I do.

What excites you most about The Gathering? It is bringing together the GB family.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… learn more about yourselves, GB in other countries and feel closer to God.

My personal prayer request is… That I manage my work load to help me make time for all the Gathering planning work.


Meet Naomi, 26, from New Zealand (Girls’ Brigade Pacific). She’s helping to plan the Celebration and Advocacy sessions.

How long have you been a member of GB? 20 years

Because of GB, I am… part of a large global family with friends wherever I go.

Do you have a funny GB memory? If so, please share:

Looking back when I was about 10 and a bit mischievous I can remember we were doing a craft which involved scissors.  I decided it was fun to test my hand eye coordination (which anyone who knows me will know this isn’t one of my strong points) by repeatedly shutting the scissors on a finger but trying to get the finger out before it closes.  My leader told me to stop … but I kept going.  Sure enough I ended up getting my finger which I thought was a pretty reasonable cut but I was too ashamed to admit it so I tried to keep my finger behind my back so that the leader wouldn’t notice.

What excites you most about The Gathering?  It is a gathering of my family!  An excellent opportunity to celebrate was has been GB but also to look forward to what could be future GB.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… return home with a contagious passion after a week of being extended, equipped and empowered.

My personal prayer request is… Wisdom and time management.


Meet Esther, 26, from Nigeria (Girls’ Brigade Africa). She’s helping to plan the Equipping and Discipleship sessions.

Things that make me happy are having friends around and seeing people growing in their faith.

How long have you been a member of GB? From a very young age.

Because of GB, I am… loved by all and I am limitless.

What excites you most about The Gathering? A great opportunity of meeting with G.B. members around the world and also friends that feared God.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… be transformed and well equipped..

My personal prayer request is… God should bless me and give me more of His wisdom to seek, serve and follow Christ.


Tracy, 36, from ‘Sunny Singapore’ (Girls’ Brigade Asia). She’s helping to plan the Equipping and Participation sessions. 

Things that make me happy are travelling around the world, scuba diving and seeing how people grow from experiences .

How long have you been a member of GB? Since I was 8 years old (that’s a long time!).

Because of GB, I am… who and what I am today.

What excites you most about The Gathering? About meeting GB girls from all over the world!!!

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that YOU will… Be rejuvenated and excited about God’s work in GB all over the world and know that you are not alone.

My personal prayer request is… serenity as I juggle my work commitment and the opportunity to attend the Gathering as well as journey’s mercies as I explore Africa after the Gathering.


Meet Safiya, 28, from Trinidad & Tobago (Girls’ Brigade Caribbean-Americas). She’s responsible for the Community and Celebration sessions.

Things that make me happy are travelling to new countries & eating new foods

What excites you most about The Gathering? Meeting up with friends I have not seen for some time and forming new relationships.

As a result of attending The Gathering, my hope is that you will…  gain knowledge on all lessons taught and be able to educate girls

My personal prayer request is lives will be transformed for the betterment of God’s kingdom

If Jesus sat next to you on a bus, what would you say to him? Am I living a life that is pleasing to you?


Please continue to pray for the planning team (including the logistics team in Ghana) and all the participants attending this exciting event in August!

2017 Easter Message from the International President


As we approach Easter 2017, I challenge you to re-read the story of Calvary, or to sit and look at a simple cross,  whilst reflecting  on what it means to you.   I ask you to do this because the cross is, after all, the recognised symbol of the Christian Church of which we are all a part.

Interestingly, if you were to ask children what a cross meant to them, you may discover that for many, their first response would have nothing to do with the CROSS OF CALVARY.  A cross, they might well say, means you’ve got it wrong.   A cross is a sign that a mistake has been made! But is that not true, too, of the CROSS OF CALVARY?   It is a sign that we’ve got things wrong, made mistakes, or to use theological language we’ve sinned.  If we hadn’t made those mistakes there would be no need of the cross.

Others  will  tell you that a cross is  what you put after your  name when  you write a letter  or send a card – it’s a ‘kiss’  – a symbol of love. Again the parallel is there.  The CROSS OF CALVARY is exactly that a symbol of the LOVE of God almighty who gave His Son that we might live.

In some parts of the world the cross is also linked to the whole experience of making choices. It is the way votes are expressed in an election.  A cross next to a name means you’ve made a choice for that person. It’s a sign of our allegiance to someone’s beliefs, ideologies and policies.

The CROSS OF CALVARY also requires us to make daily choices as to the path we will take in life, whose teachings we will adhere to or whose lead we will follow.

In this year, when our GBI theme is BE EMPOWERED, we need more than ever, the power of the cross if we are to be effective witnesses and servants of Christ. We need to know our MISTAKES have been cancelled out by the LOVE of God who wants us to reaffirm our ALLEGIANCE to Him.

May you BE EMPOWERED as you pray this prayer:
‘I want to know Christ and experience  the mighty the power  that raised Him from the dead.’

Phil 3v.10

Easter Blessings to you all