International Day of Prayer


‘Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; BE COURAGEOUS; be strong.’

1 Corinthians Ch.16:13 (NIV)


Are  you ready?                

Ready for what?              

Ready to pray that GB may be COURAGEOUS!

Wherever you may be around the world, we ask you to join with others from our huge GB family to pray on our International Day of Prayer.

WHERE should you pray?

Pray at home, pray in your churches, pray  in your GB companies and  groups, post your prayers on our facebook page.

WHEN should you pray?

10th June is our International Day of prayer and if you can pray then that’s great! If that’s not possible choose a date nearby and focus your prayers  then – on your meeting night, in your Sunday worship, at a special event

WHAT  should you pray for?

Pray that GB members around the world may BE COURAGEOUS in order that: Girls’ lives may be transformed; God’s world enriched

WHO should you pray for?                                                                                  

Pray for girls and young women around the globe, for those in GB and for those not in GB , for leaders who run GB groups, for families you support, for partnerships you are involved in, for churches that have (or who need) GB to reach out to the young  people in their community.

HOW can you help others to pray wisely?

Why not download the BE COURAGEOUS prayer focus material and use it to stimulate your prayers?