Published on April 6, 2017

Girls’ Brigade’s aim and values are the same the world over!  Girls and young women meet together to learn about God, to develop their self-esteem, to learn new skills and to have fun with their friends.  Members all wear the same badge as they ‘Seek , Serve and Follow Christ’  and through GB’s work ‘Girls’ lives are transformed  and God’s world is enriched.’ But though GB is in many ways the same the world over, there are some things we all do differently.

We are preparing to launch a series of fact sheets which will put the SPOTLIGHT on GB in different countries.  Discover what happens in GB in parts of Africa, The Pacific, Europe, Asia and The Caribbean and Americas. Find out what GB members wear, what programmes they follow, what  awards they earn and what life is like in their country.

Watch this space!  Coming soon!

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