Community service – ICGB 2018

Published on September 5, 2018

During the 2018 Conference in Zambia, we went the Livingstone Central Hospital to not only visit the patients but also to plant trees.  This was an opportunity to give back to the community and was indeed apt to have the Community Service of the four-square program so clearly demonstrated at ICGB 2018.  This fit perfectly with the theme for ICGB 2018: Fruitful and Overflowing.

The mahogany trees planted, are not only resilient and grow very large thus providing shade, but will also enhance Livingstone’s nature beauty.  What a blessing it was to give back to the community that welcomed us with open arms for this Conference while learning the W‘s to consider when planting a tree:

  1. What kind of tree are you planting?
  2. Why do you want to plant it?
  3. Where are you planting it?

After a few words by the Immediate Past International President who explained the Girls’ Brigade values of being able to serve others we started to be fruitful with the tree planting activity.

We were overflowing with joy from the visit with the patients at the Livingstone Hospital.  The experience reinforced for us to be grateful for life, health and strength.  It opened our eyes to the reality that anyone, regardless of age, can be sick and ailing.  At the same time, it was rewarding and great pleasure to see the proud faces of and the smiles of gratitude from the nurses, doctors and patients at the hospital.  The appreciation was very evident.  Girls’ Brigade is really impacting lives all around the world whether it is in something small or something big.

We went to the Maternity Unit where we interacted with both post and antenatal mothers and mingled with the nurses.  We placed balloons in the corridor and lobby areas and this certainly made both sections welcoming and jolly.  Before leaving the Maternity Unit, we left the nurses full of material blessings for the patients with toys, clothing and cosmetics.

The group then split into two with one set visiting the Women’s Ward to distribute pillows and blankets and the other going to Paediatric Ward where clothing and toys were distributed to the children.

The Paediatric Ward was the most solemn.  There we met children who were unable to do anything for themselves as well as those in the Intensive Care Unit.  Upon seeing their situation, we moved to pray with them, having received approval from the nurses and parents.  Of course, we interacted with the children who were able-bodied and the distributed toys certainly turned their frowns into smiles. That was the highlight of the day.

It is always great to bring joy into the hearts of people.  The patients in all the units showed a sense of appreciation for our visit which proved that we were fruitful and overflowing.

I believe that this experience was a desire of those of us who visited the Hospital as we got to meet one to one, expressing God’s love through the service of the Girls’ Brigade.

Is an among you afflicted? Let Him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms. James 5:13

Quindell Ferguson – IVP Caribbean & Americas Fellowship

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