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Girls' lives enriched, God's world transformed

Disaster Appeal 2023

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The Girls’ Brigade International is a family and as such we care about one another, learn from each another and support one another.

Last week we heard of the absolute devastation that has been caused in Malawi. On 14th March 2023 it was heavily hit by Cyclone Freddy.

Malawi is one of the countries in Central Africa and is part of The Girls’ Brigade African Fellowship.

It affected mainly the southern part of Malawi which comprises of 14 districts. After seeing how devastating and heart-breaking the situation was, the Malawi President declared Malawi as a State of Disaster.

Many people (approx. 476) have lost their lives due to big rocks or being buried by mud and being swept by swift running water. The figures might rise as the search continues for missing people in the districts where there was landfall like Blantyre, Chiradzulu and Mulanje.

There are some who were injured. Most of them are hospitalised while some are being treated where they have camped.

The Cyclone has made a lot of people homeless. Over 79,000 households are left without homes. Their houses have been swept by this storm. These people have been put in camps.

Our African friends are grateful for our prayers and our messages of love and support. GBI have made the decision to also help practically by making a donation to help them recover.

We are now launching an appeal to raise money for the disaster fund so we are able to help other GB countries should they need it in the future.

If you, as an individual, or your company, or group, or church is able to send a small gift it will be gratefully received and put to good use when needed.

You may send donations via your fellowship, or donations can be made to Girls’ Brigade International simply by clicking here. Please reference your gift ‘GBI Disaster Fund’.

Thank you in anticipation for your generosity.

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