Easter message 2020

Published on April 3, 2020

The story and reassurance of Our Salvation – at a time of global turmoil

“For Unto to us a King is born” – Yes, He was born, but first Jesus had to Die.

The Girls’ Brigade around the globe, is joining the rest of the world in celebrating Holy Week and Easter in 2020 with the backdrop of COVID 19, which has disrupted the normal flow of almost everything in our lives, wherever we are. The whole world is in a state of turmoil, seeking for ways to and trying to contain this pandemic. Many of you reading this are facing new ways of living each day. Against the awful reality of the pain and suffering this is causing, stands one constant that never changes…THAT OUR GOD IS STILL OUR LOVING GOD.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:3, “Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures”, but this is only true because Christ rose from the dead. The salvation story would not have been complete without the resurrection and His resurrection made His death effective. It is the great miracle of Easter that gives Christmas its true meaning. Good Friday would not have been ‘good’ without the resurrection.

Jesus himself said these words after the Resurrection, “I am with you always” Mathew 28:20. In Hebrews 13:5 He promises, “I will never leave you”. Because He rose from the dead, He lives today and will be with us forever, we are never alone, and we are never forsaken. HALLELUJAH HE IS RISEN!

I know that most of us are facing restrictions on our movements/gatherings. Most of us cannot meet as we normally do in our GB groups. This can be frustrating, and I am sure you miss each other. But as your President and sister in Christ, I encourage all of us to be responsible members of our Communities and follow the guidelines, and comply with the guidelines your Governments and local authorities have put in place, to keep us safe. This is for our own good and the benefit of our loved ones. Thank God for technology – now is the time we must make use of it to keep engaged with our family and friends. Let us share what is keeping us “sane” while remaining at home.

Our International President’s Committee (IPC) has had to cancel its IPC meeting in May 2020. For safety, we also cancelled our trip for the UN Delegation of Hope to New York, which should have taken place in March.  Despite this we can assure you that we are busy working through scheduled Zoom meetings, emails etc so that we don’t lose focus. The IPC is looking to help all of us cope during this difficult time, with most of our members, many meeting virtually and keeping engaged.  Maybe this is also a time to take time to listen to God without the day to day “Busyness”.

#SHOWKINDNESS is our Theme for 2020 so I encourage us to be helpful in our communities, following local guidelines that also keep us safe. What are you doing as an act of kindness? There are those on the frontlines, working day and night at hospitals and health centres. Do you have elderly neighbours?  Maybe you could provide a meal or pick up essentials for them if you can.  You could phone members of your church and just check on each other.

Above all let us continue to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY without ceasing.

As we celebrate Easter, and find comfort from the knowledge of our Salvation, let me leave these words from Psalm 91 with you…”God is our refuge & protector”.

Peace, Love and Joy… stay safe.


International President

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