Farewell from Vivienne

Published on September 5, 2018

Four years ago in Perth I was humbled to be elected International President of Girls’ Brigade 2014-2018. It has been a privilege and joy to serve the faithful leaders and committed members of GB  during this time. Thank you all for your support, your love and your prayers! Key words like open doors, inter-generational leadership, transformation, hope, empowerment, courage, expectation and ‘joining God in His mission’ have helped us to maintain our fruitful and overflowing ministry during this period.

It was a joy to meet with GB personnel from all around the world in Zambia, at ICGB 2018. Together we dealt with the business issues, soaked up the challenge of the key note speakers, shared the expertise of the workshop leaders and were inspired by the exciting stories that were shared.  New words, fresh challenges and different ways of being lie ahead, but one thing was clear – GB has a future in God’s vineyard

Now, as I hand over the baton to Priscilla Penny, our new President, my prayer is that she and her team (Renelle, Poh Imm, Claire, Aruk, Quindell and Betty) may know that the great God who has led us in the past and watches over the present  will continue to be the true leader of GB. He said ‘Behold I am doing a new thing’ May He do a new thing in GB under their leadership.

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