GB Connected resource (Part 2) launched

Published on May 28, 2020

GB International has launched its second GB Connected resource designed to help parents and leaders across the world support children and young people during this difficult time.

There are many great organisations and faith movements around the world who have produced free resources for leaders and parents. The aim of this resource to signpost you to some of them. We’ve grouped them under the following headings:

  • Growing faith – fantastic ideas for growing faith in the home
  • Understanding COVID-19 – providing some factual info
  • Practical support for parents and leaders – some fresh programme ideas and opportunities for support
  • Pastoral support for parents and leaders – looking after your soul
  • Pastoral support for children and young people – links to specialist organisations
  • Managing grief and loss – practical resources to help children and young people
  • Prayer resources – get involved in a global prayer movement
  • Fun, silly activities – keeping members smiling!

The International President’s Committee hopes that this resource will help leaders maintain positive relationships with GB members. Our challenge is to be physically distant (to stop the spread of the virus) but to remain socially connected to our members who need our help and support during this difficult time.

Don’t forget to download our free GB Connected resource – Part I. It is full of great tips for leaders to help support children and young people during this difficult time.

Thank you for all that you’re doing to seek, serve and follow Christ.

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