GB Queensland ‘Leadership 2015’ – all about the ‘shift’

Published on November 3, 2015

‘Leadership’ (this year attended by 5 GB young leaders from the Solomon Islands) is a program developed by GB and BB in Queensland over a number of years, and is a hugely successful initiative that enables young women and men to grow spiritually and in life and leadership skills.

‘Leadership’ has fostered a strong and lasting community of young women that remain connected into GB Queensland long after their involvement in the program. There’s quite a collection of ‘Leadership’ tee-shirts too – promoted through the annual unveiling of the themed ‘tee’ of the year at the end of the week long course.

As you can see from the pic 2015 was all about Christian leadership calling us to be ready to shift gear to be lead like Jesus.

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Girls’ Brigade Pacific is represented in 10 countries in the Pacific, each with their own unique culture. As a Christian Organisation we provide activities that will provide the girls with values and life skills, as they develop spiritually, physically, educationally and socially.

International Vice President: Renelle Nealle

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