2016 Walkathon

Published on April 25, 2016

Please join us in helping to raise the profile of GB all around the world by showing your presence in your local community. Over the past three years many GB members have engaged in a range of exciting events to let GB be seen. GB makes a difference – it transforms lives and enriches God’s world – and we need to let people know this!

Let’s tell our story. By getting involved you can:

  • Raise awareness the global situation in regards to some of the issues facing girls and learn more about what being a girl is like in different countries.
  • Raise money for GBI’s GIVEaGIRLaHOPEfund to help fund International projects
  • Raise the profile of GB in local communities – celebrating 123 years of mission among girls

GBI have produced a Walkathon resource to help you plan your event. Please join in!

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