Published on February 10, 2017

Hundreds of faithful leaders help to give girls HOPE as they work with them in GB groups around the world each week.  Additionally, from time to time, GBI is asked to give hope in response to specific needs made known to them. This is resourced by our GiveaGirlaHope Fund.  In the last year we have:

  • seed funded a project to create a school tuck shop and vegetable garden in Zimbabwe
  • supported a number of individuals, enabling them to attend youth gatherings and events which will help them grow in faith and leadership.
  • enabled GBI to raise its profile by having representation at a United Nations Education Conference and the Lausanne Conference
  • funded elements of The Gathering 2017

In previous years we have part-funded Mission Trips from Europe, established a family support project in the Caribbean, supported the setting up of a project for young single mums in Asia and been involved with the resourcing a sewing and handcraft centre in Africa. (Application are open to all and forms are available via Fellowship IVPs)

Grants are only limited by the amount of money we have available, but the money originally donated for this purpose, is fast running out.   At IPC 2016, the Presidents’ Committee reflected on our need and the story of Nehemiah.  When Nehemiah saw a need, he didn’t hesitate, he asked those around him – specifically the King whom he served – if he would provide resources for the task that needed doing. Read the story and you’ll see how generously he responded!    So that’s what we are doing – ASKING you if YOU can help.

Over the last six months we have produced a number of great free resources  – The #IAMGB video, the ‘Be Empowered’ International Resource, The 2017 ‘Be Empowered’Prayer Calendar.   Have you used or do you plan to use these? Would you consider a thank offering or donation as a response? We would be grateful and you would be giving a girl HOPE.

Giving is simple:  Go to this website,  click on MAKE A DONATION and you can give easily. If you are not in a position to give finances we would ask for your prayers that God will allow us to bring HOPE  to all those who need it.

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