Greetings to GB friends around the world from IPC 2017

Published on October 9, 2017

Having recently returned from the International President’s Meeting 2017, in Singapore, there are so many good news stories to share.   Here is just a taste of what we talked about:

Looking forward to 2018, we planned a range of resources based on our theme ‘Fruitful and Overflowing.’  Your IVP’s will be asking what events you would like our GB family to pray for – do respond so you can be included in our special prayer calendar for the year.  There will be a company resource pack which you can dip into for practical ideas to raise awareness of our theme, or you can use it as a holistic six week programme for your girls. There will be the launch of our winning celebration song to unite our GB worldwide family in this year of celebration.  Additionally, we are seeking to gather stories of GB’s ‘Fruitful and Overflowing’ Ministry to share. All will be launched on our website , distributed by our IVP’s and profiled on our Facebook  and via our newsletter.

Obviously ICGB 2018 was high on our agenda.  We are eagerly waiting this wonderful opportunity to celebrate 125 years of mission and to prepare for what God still has in store for us!  We know it is expensive to travel but have you considered asking your church if they will sponsor you? You will be encouraged and equipped in the work you do week by week as well as experiencing the strength of fellowship as you meet with GB leaders from all around the globe.  Registration has been extended so you still have time. Watch out for news of the International Competition, for discussion papers for our business sessions and draft programmes. They will all be with you before Christmas.  Please pray for our friends in Zambia as they oversee the practical arrangements for our stay.

Strategically, we have continued to explore what it means to make paradigm shifts in our thinking and in our way of being, something we were all challenged to do at ICGB 2014.  To this end we have been exploring ways in which GBI, can speak out positively for girls around the world. We are conscious, too, of the need to keep our programmes relevant: we challenge all our national boards to review and update their programmes regularly. In addition, we know that to meet the changing needs of the modern world, we need to be creative in the ways we ‘do’ GB, seeking to fulfil our unchanging aim in new and innovative ways. We have plans to share stories of how parts of our GB family are already doing this. It is always good to learn from one another.

So let’s get out there and join God in His mission – let’s see

Girls lives transformed; God’s world enriched.’


Christian Greetings

Vivienne (International President ,  Girls’ Brigade International.)

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