Greetings to our GB friends around the world!

Published on April 9, 2018

We in Zambia are excited!

Four years ago we were enjoying the fun, fellowship and faith-sharing that was ICGB 2014. We were served by the smiling, happy, helpful and never tiring Australian ‘GB crew’ who served us so faithfully. They were at our beck and call from the moment we arrived at the airport till they waved us off a week later.  Then we, GB Zambia, bravely volunteered to host the 2018 council.  Let’s be honest , we probably never really considered the hard work, hours of planning and endless meetings that would be needed to get this event off the ground.  But we have been busily beavering away ever since and the last two years have been a whirlwind of preparation. Do you have ‘to do’ lists and ‘post-it ‘note reminders? We’ve got both in abundance!  Now the time is getting nearer and nearer as more and more details are confirmed and tasks are ticked off the list.  As the date approaches, there is much to do but excitement is mounting as we prepare to welcome YOU!  My faithful and hard-working team are looking forward to the moment when our GB family arrives and we will see you face to face.  We want to show you our land. We want to give you a true African welcome. We want to share our vibrant worship. We want to meet old friends and new sisters in Christ.  Oh, and if you can’t come, and of course many of you won’t be here, we want to share what’s happening through facebook and newsletters. Then you, too, will get a sense of the joy of ‘Fruitful and Overflowing’ ministry around the world.

Friends we are excited!

Ruth Chikasa and the GB Zambia Planning Team

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