Hong Kong’s Joint GB Camp

Published on June 16, 2016

We just had our GB Joint Camp on 1-2 of May, our camp echoed with the GB International theme 2016 – Be Courageous. We had all together 60 young girls and more than 30 elders joined the camp. Participants were divided into 8 groups, with both the navigator (elders) and junior cadets in each group. They had to finish different tasks and complete some challenging games together. All these aimed at encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone, loving and respect one another who they didn’t know well.

We had a camp song for this event named ‘We can do all things’. Every time when we sang it with actions, the whole venue was immediately filled with joy and energy! Everyone became a powerful child in Jesus’ love and grace, despite all the physical or ageing limitations.

One of the activities we had – The 5 love languages, they had to finish 12 different tasks with whom they met in this camp, including writing cards to cheer them up and drawing little pictures to express appreciation to them. Through the one-hour game, they learnt to serve and to be served, understand and to be understood, and care for one another including themselves.

It was very impressive and encouraging to see that the navigator and junior groups went on very well throughout the camp. Despite the big gap in ages, there were no generation gap in communication and daily activities between the two groups, the younger ones were willing to wait and help the older ones, while the elders were enjoying in sharing their ideas and thoughts to the littles, taking care of the junior cadets like their own grandchildren.

May God’s love and joy continue to fill in our hearts, especially in our loving elders and kids!



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