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Published on November 4, 2015

What an amazing challenge 18- 35 year olds in GB Africa will be facing in December (12th – 19th) when they meet in Harare, Zimbabwe, for the Unite Africa Gathering

Sessions ranging from career advice to sex and reproduction; understanding culture to being empowered as a Christian woman will certainly have an impact as the women get together and look at life in Africa and globally through the eyes of God’s love for them.

This important Gathering culminates in a search for GB Africa’s Millennial Ambassador, a young woman who will help the GB Africa Fellowship team continue to relevantly develop GB for this generation.

Please pray for Priscilla Penny (IVP) and the Gathering team as they prepare for this amazing event – GO AFRICA!

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Girls’ Brigade Africa is represented in 12 countries on the African continent with a membership of almost 30,000. Africa is full of diversity in culture and ministries which makes it a unique continent.

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