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Published on December 9, 2016

The sun was shining gloriously as I remembered walking into the Sunday school room at our church with my mum. It was on a Saturday morning when she told me I was going to join a group called the Girls’ Brigade. I was around the age of 9 at that time so I was quite scared to have my mum leaving me alone for a few hours with the GB group.  My mum had to stay with me to attend the meeting that day because I couldn’t let go of her. After the first few minutes I was already interacting with the girls my age as we were asked to do little fun activities.

When the next week came round, I couldn’t wait to go for GB and this time in didn’t care if my mum was with me because I was intrigued by all the activities and the enjoyment of being with my new girlfriends. This was a turning point in my life because I began to learn a lot of important knowledge which I never learnt in school. Like how to have a personal relationship with God,  growing up in the right direction with dignity and respect, and being confident in making right decisions for myself and my future family. From small group discussions to leading the girls in activities, presenting reports on behalf of GB and travelling abroad to share God’s word in partnership with PNG World Mission, has really given me the confidence I never knew I had.

During the Christmas holiday I went back to my home village, gathered all the young girls and taught them what I learnt in GB. We performed plays and creative dances at our normal Sunday services and during the Christmas period. We also performed at other neighbouring churches as an awareness of GB. I also took the initiative to gather the girls to go help out in our church project site (which was to build houses for our church district executives) by cleaning out the area, planting new flowers and providing food for the carpenters who were building the houses.

I am now 18 years old and am doing my first year of studies at the University of Papua New Guinea. Being in Girls’ Brigade has enabled me to speak confidently and be courageous to face challenges in my life knowing that God is with me through it all. Thank you Girls’ Brigade!

Tera from 1st Koki GB in Papua New Guinea

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Girls’ Brigade Pacific is represented in 10 countries in the Pacific, each with their own unique culture. As a Christian Organisation we provide activities that will provide the girls with values and life skills, as they develop spiritually, physically, educationally and socially.

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