#iamgb video – launching 11 October!

Published on August 17, 2016

iamgbOver the last year, GB International has been asking you how being part of The Girls’ Brigade has changed your life! Over 140 people from 14 different countries, completed the following sentence: ‘Because of GB, I am…’

Loved. A leader. Creative. Happy. Courageous. Free. Transformed.

These are just a small sample of your responses. We were excited and overwhelmed to see the positive impact that GB has had on the lives of many people.

At the moment, our film designer is doing a great job collating some of the photos and videos into a film. It will be launched on social media and on the web on Tuesday 11 October 2016 which is UN’s International Day of the Girl.

What better way to celebrate the International Day of the Girl than by turning up the volume of Gospel hope for girls in social media?

The #iamgb film will also be useful for girls and women completing international badgework, to share at church services and community events as well as for publicity.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We wish that we could include every photo and video in our film clip but this is not possible due to space restrictions. Look out for the full collection of stories in our #iamgb downloadable e-book launching in 2017.

PS Are you a buddling graphic designer? Are you studying graphic design at university and want to expand your portfolio. GB International could use your skills! Please get in touch: home@gbworldwide.org

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