International Day of the Girl 2017

Published on August 14, 2017

#GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

On Wednesday 11 October 2017 – UN’s International Day of the Girl (IDG) – Girls’ Brigade International is mobilising the global family to continue to pray and advocate with and for the Chibok girls (and many others impacted by Boko Haram violence).

We’re thankful that 167 young women have returned to their families but currently 113 girls remain missing since their abduction on 14 April 2014; some of them are GB members. #IDG2017 marks their 1,276th day of captivity.

On #IDG2017, Girls’ Brigade is inviting its members and friends to participate in a simple creative prayer exercise and social media activity to raise awareness and mobilise the wider Church to continue to pray; to say that we believe hope endures.

The creative activity includes using colourful hand templates to pray for specific named girls. It encourages members and groups to upload photos of decorated hands on social media to make a powerful impact, raise awareness and mobilise others to join in.

You can download this short adaptable GB prayer resource and use it in GB, in church or in many other ways. The prayer can be linked with practical action through GB International’s Cards of Hope initiative or through the Hope for Girls resource. And remember, it can be used any time.

DOWNLOAD: #GBHopeEndures creative prayer activism

The resource also provides an update on the complex situation in Nigeria and urges us to pray for these young women, the many other people who have been affected by violence as well as their families.

As a movement, Girls’ Brigade cares about how girls around the world are treated. We aim to bring hope into girls’ lives, and freedom brings hope! That’s why Girls’ Brigade members from around the world are joining together o #IDG2017 to pray for the Chibok school girls in Nigeria (six of whom are members of The Girls’ Brigade).

Please join us as we continue to raise hope for girls.


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