International day of prayer

Published on June 7, 2019

A message from International President, Priscilla Penny

Come and join The Girl’s Brigade as we come together in prayer as a family on 10th June 2019.

It was on 10th June, 1968 when the three organisations,  The Girls’ Brigade (Ireland), The Girls’ Guildry (Scotland) and The Girls’ Life Brigade, from a journey of pioneering that began in 1893, came together to form The Girls’ Brigade!  The Girls’ Brigade has been and still is a Responsive, Relational and Relevant Christian Mission focused on the Girl Child.  The world has evolved since 1893 and there is a desperate need to introduce the Gospel and make disciples in this very challenging world. 

So on this our Birthday, PRAY for The Girls’ Brigade to stand in the gap and reach out to the many girls and young women who have no hope and no knowledge of the gospel of hope.  We need leaders that are not waiting for Girls to come to Girls’ Brigade.

PRAY for wisdom, courage and resources to go out and tell our Stories of how GB is transforming the lives of girls and young women.

We have not forgotten; in April, we observed the 5th Anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls and GBI Launched a powerful prayer resource to continue praying for those that are still in captivity. PRAY without ceasing!

PRAY for all the GB Leaders around the world who dedicate their time and resources to work with the girls and young women.

PRAY for our five Fellowships with our diversity and cultural differences.


PRAY for your IPC, as they will have their first meeting after ICGB 2018, from 7th to 13th July 2019 in the Cook Islands.  Pray for wisdom and for God to speak into their discussions.

Wherever you are, take time on 10th June to join the GB Family in prayer, take time to reflect on the story of GB, 126 years later, we are STILL RELEVANT.  Use the Live Joyfully Resource and the Live Joyfully Prayer Calendar with your groups.

Peace, Love and Joy,


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