International President’s Committee

Published on June 16, 2016

Icebergs, doors, stories, windows, courage, the United Nations, paradigm shifts, celebrations, tools, empowerment  and walls!

So, what do these things all have in common?

Well, The INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT’S COMMITTEE, pictured here, meet once a year to discuss the  business of GBI.  This year they are meeting from  28th June  – 1st July and all these things are on their agenda alongside some of the more  conventional items, of course, like our budget, the constitution, risk management, finance, reports and  event planning.  If you want to keep in touch and find out the significance of some of these things then keep your eye on our facebook page during the week we are meeting and be informed.

In the  meantime please pray for Vivienne, Priscilla, Lynne, HazelAnn, Claire, Poh Imm and Renelle as they travel to the Bahamas on 26th June.  Pray, too, for wisdom and sensitivity to our very different GB  cultures as we seek God’s guidance in the outworking of our vision to see Girls’ lives transformed; God’s world enriched.


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