Natalie Koutsos

My name is Natalie Koutsos and I live in beautiful Australia. I am 29 yrs old and have a wonderful husband and a really supportive family.

I works as a full time hairdresser,  but in truth I must say that my heart is lit up by serving God in Girls’ Brigade. To me it feels like a calling on my life, and currently I am Team leader of a local Girls’ Brigade group in New South Wales.

My story stems from my family – I  grew up in a amazing family who demonstrated from the inside out what ministry is, and I really experienced the impact of servant love and leadership through my family as I was growing up. Dad is a Pastor and seeing him and mum love God with hearts that desire to serve Jesus in all of their life, has influenced me so much. Their example has  shaped my understanding of God at work in my life, and helped me to be open to him as i learn to love and serve him in my own life.

My experience of Girls’ Brigade

GB has been a place that’s provided security and challenge for me over the years, especially when I was a teenager. There were tough times – but people like my GB leader really mentored me and stuck with me. I am so grateful for this as it reinforced my foundations.

I’ve often looked back and reflected on how GB’s motto has helped ground me as a Christian. It seems to say everything that needs to be at the base of me – ‘seek, serve and follow Christ’

A Bible verse that challenges me so much is where Jesus said to his followers they must learn to ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind’  (Matthew 22:3) WOW!

I feel as though the only way I will ever fulfil this is by accepting that  its allowing God to keep on  transforming me from the inside out  – I just can’t do this in my strength!

The way my family and GB leaders have discipled and mentored me over the years is something I now feel passionate to be part of in the lives of girls around me. I just want to be a light for the next generation of girls in GB.

This is a story about Girls' Brigade Pacific

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Girls’ Brigade Pacific is represented in 10 countries in the Pacific, each with their own unique culture. As a Christian Organisation we provide activities that will provide the girls with values and life skills, as they develop spiritually, physically, educationally and socially.

International Vice President: Jennifer Box