Claire Rush

My name is Claire and I am 29 years old. I am a team leader of a local Girls’ Brigade group in Northern Ireland, voluntary GB Europe Youth Co-ordinator and I am employed by GB England & Wales as the Esther Generation Project Co-ordinator.

Who has helped you grow as a follower of Jesus?

The greatest influence on my personal growth as a believer has been my mum. She has been learning about Jesus for over forty years and she is one of the few believer who I get to see publicly and privately.

In other words, I know that her faith is not just for public display. Over the last twenty years, my mum’s life has not been easy. She has had to deal with the loss of both her parents in hard situations.

The trials that my Mum has gone through would make less strong believers question their faith, but my Mum has always held on to God’s promises in the Bible. For this, I admire her greatly.

Growing up, my mum’s priority was to ensure that I knew about Jesus’ love – and she did a fantastic job. She spent a lot of time driving my sister Katherine and I to different church activities – youth choir, youth fellowship, GB, Christian Endeavour etc. My love for my Mum was the reason that I stayed in GB when I was a teenager – even though at times I absolutely rebelled against GB!

My Mum has been with me every step of the way in my adult faith journey. She is excellent at holding me accountable for my prayer life and the amount of alone time I give to God. Daily, my mother challenges me as she reaches out to those around her with the Gospel in words AND actions.

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