Ruth Morris

I am Ruth Morris Baba, a native of Mada of Akwanga in Nasarawa, Nigeria. I joined the Girls’ Brigade at a very young age, as an explorer (around 4 years old)  until I became a Brigader (I was 14 then). I carried on in GB after this and trained to be a leader, working in my local company and the district and state. I am now GB Nigeria’s National Youth Secretary.

Over the years my parents, the church, individuals and the Girls’ Brigade have all played major roles in my spiritual growth. But most importantly and worthy of special mention is the Girls’ Brigade.

It has in a great deal blessed my life.

At a girl’s camp in 2002, we watched a movie together, a story about a young girl who kept herself and her virginity for many years but due to peer pressure around her she became pregnant. She dropped out from school and also contracted HIV/AIDS. I felt very challenged by this and chose to make solemn decision to abstain from sex until I married, however hard this would be.

My leaders have been my counselors, mentors, teachers and mothers. They have taught, nurtured and prayed with me especially and helped me live out my faith. I feel so grateful to God for women like Mrs Tabitha Agabi and Mrs Helen Bala who through their example and the way they have led in  GB have molded me to who I am today in the way of the Lord.

Ruth Morris