Tnay Yong Hua

I’m Tnay Yong Hua, born in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. I am a local leader in Girls’ Brigade and at the moment the International Vice-President for the Girls’ Brigade Asia Fellowship.

I was born into a believing family.When I was a child, my grandfather told me Bible stories, sang songs about Jesus, and helped me memorise the Lord’s Prayer. My parents took me to church and I attended Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Choir and later served as Sunday School teacher, Youth leader and choir conductor. Through these activities I developed my personal spiritual growth with God in prayer and daily Bible reading.

In 1975, I joined Girls’ Brigade as team leader of 1st Sibu Company. Being a part of this international organization has really helped widen my scope of life, to have a mission among young girls, to bring them to know Christ and to train them to be godly women.I thank God that I can be in partnership with Him in this Girls’ Brigade family.

The following year, I had a motorbike accident on my way home from church. I fell into a drain full of broken pieces of wood. Even though my bike was hardly damaged, it was a miracle that I survived as I fractured my neck.

This was such a turning point in my life, and I thank God for preserving my life. I had begun following Christ at a young age, but this accident was a time where I re-affirmed my faith in him and began a new time of growth and equipping as a Christian disciple. One of the course I attended was the ‘Million Leaders Mandate’ – ‘Discipleship’. This has really helped me to serve God better in Girls’ Brigade.

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Girls’ Brigade Asia sees its role as being the feet of Interantional in this part of the world, going to all of Asia on behalf of International. We go to bring the unchanging message through changing methods to build lives and communities for the extension God’s Kingdom amongst girls.

International Vice President: Tnay Yong Hua

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