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Girls' lives transformed, God's world enriched


Girls' lives enriched, God's world transformed


New year, new hope, new beginnings

"Rise in Strength – For such a time as this"

Written by Priscilla P Penny

Priscilla was recently re-elected at GBI’s virtual International Conference in 2022, to be GB’s International President for a second term (since 2018). Priscilla was previously IVP for Africa for eight years and brings a wealth of experience to her role in Girls’ Brigade. Priscilla lives in Harare, Zimbabwe with husband Claudio. As well as all that she does for GB, Priscilla and Claudio also have a busy family life, keeping abreast of all that’s happening in the lives of their four children and five grandchildren!

Reflection of 2022: We are grateful and thankful for God’s faithfulness in 2022.

For seven months, we connected in a new way for our 13th ICGB 2022. We had workshops, games and most of all we prayed together. Thank you, GB Jamaica and Caribbean and Americas fellowship, under the leadership of IVP Quindell Ferguson for hosting our first ever Online ICGB! It was an experience I enjoyed and was blessed every minute we were together. The Zoom events were not without their challenges, but we do thank God because every event was successful regardless. Thank you to all those who took time to be part of this historic ICGB.

May I take this opportunity to thank the GB Worldwide family for giving me another chance to serve as International President. I am humbled and do not take it for granted. Recognising that the IPC is challenged to ensure that The Girls Brigade remains relevant in a post COVID world and to Generation Z, I pray that God will guide us and speak to us to take on the Tusk.

Our theme for 2023 is Rise In Strength…for such a time as this. The Road map ahead will not be easy. Our world has changed. We need to recognise and appreciate the unique position of The Girls Brigade. We are deeply rooted in the communities, and we are a globally connected body. We have been working with girls for 129 years! However, we must not remain Static. Let us Rise in His Strength, John 3:30 and build the Kingdom.

Let us all work and pray together to raise the GBI profile as a loud global voice for the girl child… GB the advocate.

This calls for commitment on each and every one of us. God has placed us wherever we are, for such a time as this. Please share your dreams for GB. Let us hear your voices as together we can. IPC will create platforms for sharing, please participate. Watch out on our social media!

We cannot rise in our own strength and be successful. Esther 4:14 “For who knows, but you have come to your royal position for such a time as this”. These words invoke courage and hope in all believers. These words inspire us to answer the call to make a difference! Just like Esther did in her time. We have the opportunity as GB members to raise a whole new generation of Esthers. Who will face their challenges head on, who recognise that they can do all things through Christ.

We will all face times of fear or doubt. We need to always remember, our faithful God is there and He has been with us all along, and He will continue to guide and protect us. “For such a time as this” shows God’s providence, whether we hesitate or move forward in His strength. He works all things together to fulfil His purpose.

So, my dear sisters, as we begin 2023 with all its insecurities and mysteries, (God Knows!) … I urge you to continue trusting God, “at such a time as this”, right now – right here. Right where you are – trust Him.

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