2018 Theme: Fruitful & Overflowing

In 2018 we are celebrating 125 years of fruitful mission. Our theme for the year is: ‘Fruitful & Overflowing’, based on Jesus’ words in John 15:1-7.

GB members all over the world will be taking the opportunity  to share all that God has done through GB over the last 125 years. But, more importantly we want  everyone to  know that GB is alive and well today impacting lives and enriching communities in 50 countries around the world every week.

GB continues to transform girls’ lives and enrich God’s world and we are grateful for all those who have in the past, or who are today enabling God to work through GB.  See how GB is impacting lives today.

The Presidents Committee is delighted to launch this publication – FRUITFUL & OVERFLOWING programme material 2018. The resource this year is geared to 7-11’s although it can, of course,  be adapted and used for older or younger girls. It is full of games, discussion starters, crafts and Bible themes. We hope that in using this your members will engage with our 2018 theme, as well as learning something about our GB family around the world. Please use it any way relevant to you!

Click Here to open the Fruitful & Overflowing Programme Resource

Prayer Calendar

GBI are also providing you with a monthly prayer calendar.  This will include ideas for ways in which you can pray for your Girls’ Brigade family across the world.

If you would like to receive bi-weekly GB International prayer notifications via Google Calendar to help you pray for GB and girls around the world, please add GBIprayer@gmail.com to your Google Calendar.

Click below to download reflections and prayer points for each month. 

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Reflection 2018

By Jill Clarke CNZM

Spring in New Zealand happens about October or November. This is the time we get into our gardens weeding. Some gardeners find enjoyment in this task, others not so much! I find it very satisfying to look back and find precious plants standing tall and proud, with the weeds all gone!

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Reflection – 2018

By Vivienne Aitchison

I am sure we all know the parable of the sower. In this story the hard-working farmer wanted a harvest, so he planted his seeds. The seeds, all fell in different places – in the good soil, on the path, in rocky ground and amongst the weeds. Now it is true that not all the seeds brought forth fruit but that did not deter the farmer.

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Reflection – 2018

By Priscilla Penny former IVP of Africa

Our task is to plant and nurture the seeds in whatever way God reveals to us. So how do we do this? Well, of course, we have to talk about Jesus. We will doubtless do this through our epilogues and devotional times. Then we also need to ensure that we do not neglect the spiritual parts of our programme.

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Reflection – 2018

By Renelle Neale

As I write this reflection, it is Spring time in Australia and in other countries around of the Pacific. Spring is a time of renewed growth. The flowers are all budding and showing off their glory to the world. As the bulbs and seedling were waiting to bring forth their beauty, in Spring, they were taking in the nutrients of the soil, preparing themselves for their entry into the warm fresh air.

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Reflection – 2018


To be as pleasing and fruitful as God desires, we need to be very intentional in living for Jesus every day. How can we make our homes, work areas and spheres of influence, a place where it is evident that we love God and live for Him?

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