DATES: 21 – 28th July 2018 with flexibility regarding extra days for those wishing to arrive early/stay late

LOCATION: Chrismar Hotel Conference Centre,   Livingstone,   Zambia

GBI is a family and one of the best things about families is the ability to talk, share together and support one another both in times of celebration and in times of challenge. One of our major events in this our birthday year, will be our gathering for ICGB in Livingstone, Zambia from 21-28th July. During ICGB 2018 members of our GB family will make strategic decisions regarding the ongoing mission of GB.  We will also share meals with friends from other parts of the family, experience worship from around the globe, sit next to family members who we’ve never met before and hear about their joys and share their challenges. Time is running out to book your place and share this experience, but there is still time. Find all the information you need here (add link please) and come and join us.

You can download the following info below:

ICGB NEWS 1 Initial Information docx

ICGB NEWS 2 Registration Process

ICGB NEWS 3 Registration Country Form

ICGB NEWS 4 Registration Individual Form

ICGB NEWS 5 Business Matters

ICGB NEWS 6 International Presidents Nomination Process

ICGB NEWS 7 International Treasurer’s Nomination Process

ICGB NEWS 8 International Competition

ICGB NEWS 9 Discussion papers

ICGB NEWS 10 Practical Information

ICGB NEWS 11 Proxy Form

ICGB NEWS 12 Agenda and Papers