Walkathon and Prayer Wave 2013

About Girls Brigade Worldwide

Welcome to Girls Brigade Worldwide’s Walkathon and Prayer Wave 2013!

This year GB celebrates 120 years of mission amongst girls, and as part of our celebrations we are encouraging girls, leaders, families and churches to join in walking and praying around the world to giveavgirlaHOPE!

Here’s how you can get involved

Prayer Wave 120.

Let’s pray around the world and giveagirlaHOPE!

The wave has begun!

By using GB’s special resource (focused on June 10th) people from all around the world took a few minutes in their day between 9am and 9pm on Monday10 June to pray for girls in the different fellowships across the world. 

Keep on waving!

Since June 10th the wave of prayer has been continuing.  The resource can be used in exactly the same way on any day of the week, at any point in the year – just get together and get praying!

Theme: 2 Corinthians 5 :“For we walk by faith not by sight”

Check out the Facebook page, add your stories and prayers!

Walkathon 120:

Let’s walk the world, and giveagirlaHOPE!

Accept the challenge to get into action and give more girls hope by raising new funds for GB’s mission around the world

The idea of this exciting initiative is three-fold.  In our 120th year GB will join together to:

  • Raise awareness of issues and needs of girls all around the world.
  • Raise money for GBI’s giveagilaHOPE fund and other international projects.
  • Raise the profile of GB in local communities – let’s celebrate 120 years of mission amongst girls!