Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

2016 Theme: Be Courageous

The 2016 theme for Girls’ Brigade is ‘Be Courageous’. This year the President’s team has produced a special ‘Be Courageous’ resource to help girls, leaders and national leadership teams explore this exciting theme.

  1. The Be Courageous Activity Resource – ideas and programme links for use locally. This is based on news and issues from the 5 Fellowships
  2. The Be Courageous Prayer resource – this replaces the PRAYERWAVE, and is a resource of prayers to support the activity resource

We hope that you enjoy using this resource – do send in stories and pictures about how you used and were helped by the resource, we’d love to share stories of how GB is being courageous around the world!


These reflections have been written by a number Girls’ Brigade friends and office bearers from around the world. You may use them in range of ways: for personal reflection, as articles in your GB publications, on your websites, as devotional thoughts for your conferences, meetings and activities, as monthly Bible studies with a group of other GB leaders , as a series of worship themes at a retreat or leadership training event – or in any other way you choose.

Reflection: September

By Ruth Chikasa

It is often said that, “the line between being courageous and foolishness is very thin”. Courage is viewed from different lenses and depending on where you are or what lenses you have on, certain actions taken could be seen as either Courageous or Foolishness.

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Reflection: October

By Hazelann Hannaway Boreland

‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go,’ God’s words to Joshua.

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Reflection: November

By Dr Claire Rush

If you had met me two years ago and asked, ‘How are you doing, Claire?’ I guarantee that a certain four words would have escaped from my mouth ‘I’m really busy, thanks!’

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Reflection: May

By Ruth Gilson

Reading through Jeremiah 1 v 4-10 reveals a very honest conversation between a man who was clearly called by God, yet initially unable to grasp that he was strong enough and worthy enough for God to use him.

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Reflection: March

By Jill Clarke CNZM

I think it very interesting that many of the women named in the Bible were so courageous.

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Reflection: June

By Mrs Tay Poh Imm

Do you feel burdened and frustrated? Are you overwhelmed by the demands made on you? God understands what you are going through and He is with you as He has promised. Commit all things to prayer and trust in a great God.

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Reflection: July

By Jennifer Box (QSM, JP)

As I finish my role as an IVP for GB International, I have been reflecting on my time as a member of Girls’ Brigade and the changes that have been made over the years. Thinking back to the beginning at Sandymount Presbyterian Church in Dublin Ireland 123 years ago, Margaret Lyttle took that first ‘COURAGEOUS’ step of founding Girls’ Brigade in 1893.

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Reflection: January

By Vivienne Aitchison

I wonder what you think of when you hear that word ‘COURAGE’? Of course it can mean standing firm in the face of physical danger or being brave and daring! But it’s also about having nerve to do something outside your comfort zone or being bold and resolute in the face of opposition.

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Reflection: February

By Priscilla Penny

Throughout our life’s journey we will, at times, find ourselves in very scary situations: we may face mortal danger, major illness, financial challenge. We may need to take a stance on certain issues, stand up for the truth, take up a new position etc.

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Reflection: December

By Vivienne Aitchison


I would like to be indulgent and share a personal story. It was late in 2013. I had been asked if I would allow my name to forward as a nominee for International President.

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Reflection: August

By Lyn Campbell

Our theme this year is BE COURAGEOUS and in our August reflection Lyn Campbell (President GB Northern Ireland) helps us to see that the reason we can have this courage is because we have a God who is there at our side, in good times and bad. Reflect on the words of the great shepherd psalm and read what Lyn has to say:

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Reflection: April

By Renelle Neale

I see being courageous as stepping out in Faith. There are many times in our lives where this applies – in our everyday life and in our Brigade life too. Just taking that first step into the unknown can be scary but when we have Christ in our hearts we can do it knowing that He is there for the long haul, walking with us, or carrying us over the rough ground.

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