Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

2022 Theme: Rise in Strength

She Speaks: A Gender Justice resource

On International Women’s Day (8 March 2022), Girls’ Brigade International launched a free resource for local Girls’ Brigade leaders called She Speaks Gender Justice resource

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Rise in strength – Who Was Miriam?

By Renelle Neale

Miriam was the oldest sister of Moses.  She was 7 when she placed her baby brother in the basket in the Nile River.  Miriam had many encouraging times in her life, she convinced the Pharaoh’s daughter to let her take the baby back to his mother until he was old enough to return to theRead this news story

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Rise in strength – Step out like Esther

By Tay Poh Imm

Let’s find purpose and significance in God’s plan for our lives. Let’s have unshakeable faith in our great God and continually testify of His goodness and love to all we meet.

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Rise in strength – Ruth, living a purposeful life.

By Aruk Omori

Rise in strength is a call to action for women of God to see their true potential as women of valour, great determination, courage and faith. God has blessed us as women of God in these trying times with all the power, spiritual gift and strength that we needed to stand strong. God has blessedRead this news story

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Rise in Strength – Receive God’s strength like Hannah

By Kaylene Trembath

Just like God, who chose to become a weak and humble human so that we could gain strength that lasts forever, Hannah chose to give her weakness to God. In return, God her gave her strength in a son! It would be pleasing to God if we all choose to give our weakness to him, in this way we can all Rise in Strength!

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Rise in strength – Mary Magdalene as a role model

By Mrs. Magdalene Apeh

MARY MAGDALENE, Luke 8:1 -3, John 20:1 -2, 11 -18.   Magdalene was a woman possessed by seven evil spirits, until Jesus delivered her from that terrible condition. When one is possessed, they are automatically instruments of the devil. Whatever the devil instructs, the one in such bondage is powerless to resist because they areRead this news story

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Rise in strength – learn from Abigail

By Patricia Sarfo

In the First book of Samuel, chapter 25 we see a story of a virtuous woman called Abigail, wife of Nabal from Carmel.  Abigail which means ‘father’s joy’ is described as intelligent, and beautiful. Whist her husband is difficult, wicked, and as the meaning of his name implies “fool” so was he. Abigail’s intelligence andRead this news story

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Rise in strength – Keep the faith like Sarah

By Priscilla P. Penny

May I encourage you to keep the faith no matter where you are in your life and no matter what you are going through.

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Rise in Strength – Independent like Lydia

By Dorothy Chimpampwe

Our story this month of May is about a woman in the Bible called Lydia. (Acts 16). Lydia whose biblical meaning is “A standing Pool”, was a resident of a Turkish town of Thyatira, famous for its guilds of craftsmen, especially the guild of the professionals knowledgeable in the production and sale of expensive purple dye.Read this news story

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Rise in strength – be a Mary

By Ms Hee Piang Chin

Luke 1:26-38

I have chosen Mary, the mother of Jesus, to begin our year to rise up in strength – the theme chosen by our International President’s Committee.

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