Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

A message from Jill Clarke, Past International President

Jill Clarke

By Jill Clarke

Nehemiah had gathered people together to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. They were discouraged, afraid the enemy’s would attack at any time.

Nehemiah said to them “Don’t be afraid of the enemy. Remember the Lord who is Great and Glorious. Fight for your friends, your families, your homes.”


We may at this time  think of Covid-19 as our ‘enemy’.

We may be discouraged because deep down we are afraid of the spread around the world of this new threat to our lives. That’s understandable.

But we need to remember that God is still in control!

We cannot see the end to our situation, but God knows the end from the beginning.

All is not lost. We see many people now looking after others. Concern for others is becoming more evident  in society.


May we through our faith in God who carries us through our difficulties, by our kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness of others be carriers of Christs love to all.


If you are totally ‘shut in’ as we are here in New Zealand – it is for your own safety, and that of our fellow citizens.

Keep your attitude one of gratitude.

May God bless you & keep you in his care,

With Love, Jill


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