Reflection: August

Lyn Campbell

By Lyn Campbell

Lyn has just completed her 4th year as GBNI president, she is a member of the GB Europe Executive and she attended ICGB in Australia in July 2014. She has a passion for supporting GB sisters around the world and is currently driving forward a partnership with ‘Fields of Life’ to fund a GBNI school in Uganda. She is also committed to developing, equipping and empowering all GB leaders. Lyn is married to Robert and has three adult children, two dogs and three cats!!

Our theme this year is BE COURAGEOUS and in our August reflection Lyn Campbell helps us to see that the reason we can have this courage is because we have a God who is there at our side, in good times and bad. Reflect on the words of the great shepherd psalm and read what Lyn has to say:


As I sit here with every fan in the room on, I am reflecting on what a wonderful world the Lord has given us, the clear blue skies, the majestic mountains, the flowing rivers and the heat of the sun. I also know that by 8pm tonight there will be thunder storms with possible flooding! Our lives follow a very similar pattern of highs and lows but unlike the weather they are not always predictable.

For those in Christian ministry leadership, such as we GB leaders these ups and downs of life can wear us down at times. Demands on us are high – people complain that we do too little of this or too much of that. We are expected to be there for everyone at every moment of the day.  At times, guilt fills the mind and causes us to doubt our leadership and our effectiveness.

Yet, we are not left alone in this world. Through the darkest valleys of life, through the most difficult times of GB leadership, God is with us to guide and protect us. When we feel overwhelmed with loneliness, the Lord is close beside us. When our hearts are asking hard questions and we feel beaten down, God will sustain us. We don’t need to live in fear, for God is with us ready to comfort, protect and guide us through every mountain and valley of life. He is our true Leader/Shepherd and the more we trust him as Lord, the more we will experience the wonder of having a Shepherd.

I hope and pray that we will all make time to refresh and renew so that we can re-engage with our companies  and GB responsibilities with our passion for GB re ignited and on fire to BE COURAGEOUS for Him.

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