Reflection: January

Vivienne Aitchison

By Vivienne Aitchison

Elected at the International Conference in Perth 2014, to be GB’s International President (2014 – 18). Vivienne Aitchison was previously VP for Europe for eight years and brings a wealth of experience to her new role in Girls’ Brigade.

Vivienne is based near to London in the UK, and works as an educational Consultant. Previously a Primary school head teacher, she is passionate about training and equipping those who work amongst children, and spends her working time mentoring trainee teachers and providing training for head teachers and school governors

I wonder what you think of when you hear that word ‘COURAGE’?  Of course it can mean standing firm in the face of physical danger or being brave and daring! But it’s also about having nerve to do something outside your comfort zone or being bold and resolute in the face of opposition.

In Numbers 13 Moses sent twelve men to go and assess the possibility of entering the promised land. Ten of those men saw the great potential – the wonderful harvest of grapes, pomegranates, figs and the fertile land flowing with ‘milk and honey’ but they lacked courage. ‘We can’t do it,’ they said.  ‘The opposition is too great –there are too many people and the cities are too well defended.’  Only Joshua and Caleb stood firm and said ‘Let’s go! We can do it!’

In this year, GBI challenges us all to BE COURAGEOUS in our service to Him.  In this first reflection on our theme,  I ask you to consider in what area God is asking you to have a go, to step out in faith, to accept the challenge, to seize a new opportunity or to face up to any barriers that may block your way.   Follow your heart (for the root of the word courage is the Latin word ‘cour’ or ‘heart’.)

BE COURAGEOUS yourself and encourage those around you to step out in faith even if there is opposition, resistance or hurdles in the way. Be confident for we serve a God who has promised to go with us.  Let us like Paul simply say:

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Phil 4v.13

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