Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

BE EMPOWERED – Reflection

Renelle Neale

By Renelle Neale

Renelle, from New South Wales, Australia, was appointed as IVP for Pacific in April 2016.  She is married to John who is now retired, has four grown up children and four grandchildren with whom she loves to share time. Her family in their turn are her biggest supporters and encouragers!

What a year it has been for me!! It’s had its ups and downs but God has always had a hand in the outcome and I have truly been blessed by His presence.

We can never do anything without Him being part of everything that we do or where we go.  At times, we think we can just do things without His help but He always puts stops in our way and we need to think things through with Him.  It only takes a little hiccup to make us stop and rethink the situation.

I have felt Him in Vanuatu when doing the training with the ladies.  What an amazing time it was; we felt like a full sponge at the beginning of the day and at the end we were like an empty sponge. But the next morning we were empowered again to pass on more knowledge to these women some of whom had no idea of what GB was all about.

Always put your trust in our Lord and He will empower you, no matter what the situation.

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