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BE EMPOWERED – Reflection

Hazelann Hannaway Boreland

By Hazelann Hannaway Boreland

IVP for the Caribbean and Americas Fellowship, Hazelann H Boreland lives in the beautiful setting of the British Virgin Islands. Mum to the lovely Eric who has been the youngest ever attendee at IPC meetings, Hazelann juggles a busy life at home, in GB and as a lawyer.


”Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God” Psalm 20:7

Today I meditated on the song, ‘You’re the cleanser of my soul.’ Which was preceded by the testimony of a couple who lived extravagant carefree live styles, but were reluctantly brought to the throne of grace and that God still embraced them even when one of them chose to make a mockery of Christianity.  He spoke about how after meeting Christ he and his live-in girlfriend immediately went home threw out everything that was illegal or immoral within their home, set their lives right, got married shortly thereafter and today he has never regretted his decision to choose Christ.  You know, in today’s fast pace world where instant gratification seems to be the order of the day even among professed Christians – it is very empowering to be reminded that no matter how we begin our journey or how low we stumble along the journey ‘God is the refresher of our soul.’ God is the refresher, the one who empowers – not the accolades, treasurers, accomplishments or gifts we possess – it’s God who refreshes. The Message a very modern translation of the Bible puts Psalm 20:7-8 this way:

See those people polishing their chariots, and those others grooming their horses? But we’re making garlands for God our God. The chariots will rust, those horses pull up lame and we’ll be on our feet, standing tall.’

I don’t know about you, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, not our possessions, accomplishments or gifts, because as the word says those things all rust and wither away. Not only is our Lord everlasting, only He can refresh and empower us.  Let us not spend our days simply polishing our abilities and treasures, which will neither stand the test of time or have the ability to pull us through difficulty or dry seasons, but instead make God our treasure the one who is ‘the refresher of our soul.’

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