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The GB Aim: Becoming

The aim of The Girls’ Brigade is to help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life. 

Every journey has a starting point!

Paint a picture in your mind.  Set out on a very hot day to wander across the hillside.  The sky is blue, the grass parched, you can see no shade AND there is no water around … well, if there is you don’t know where.  Yet you are not worried, you feel safe, you walk happily through the hills.  Why? Because you are a sheep!

The location is Israel and somewhere out in front of you the shepherd is in view.  HE knows the route and destination.  HE understands the climate and your need for water.  HE knows where to lead you for shade and drink!

This picture was painted by Jesus, at a point where he described himself as the ‘Good Shepherd’.  In the culture of the Middle East, shepherds lead from the front of the flock.  There is none of the ‘driving’ from behind that we may see. The sheep simply follow.

Their journey began at a set point.  They began to follow the shepherd.

Mark 1: 16-18 – “…Come follow me”, Jesus said.

Mark 12: 30 – “… Love the Lord your God with all your heart … soul … strength.”

Jesus called ordinary people to be his followers.  Jesus calls us to follow him!  In working with GB’ AIM we are acknowledging that this call is just as real today.  In fact we are encouraging girls to respond to Jesus, to follow him.

Have I responded to Jesus’ call?

  • Recall in your mind the time when you began to follow, when you received Jesus as your personal saviour, and spend time thanking God for the gift of Jesus – the Good Shepherd.
  • Am I a follower of Jesus?  (If you are unsure, re-read the Bible verses hear his call to you, and say YES!)
  • Am I holding back from continuing as a real follower, because I know that I may have to change?

If one of your girls asked you why it is good to follow Jesus how would you help her to think it through?

The sheep follow their shepherd because they know he will care for them.

John 10: 1-6, 11-16

Read Jn 10: 1-6 & 11-16 and think about the attributes of a shepherd.  Look at reasons why the sheep trust him.  Jesus is the Good Shepherd, do you trust him to lead you?

Lord Jesus thank you that you accept me as I am, and have called me to follow you.  Thank you too that you are a loving shepherd, who knows how to lead me through life.  Help me to trust you and not hold back as I seek to follow you.

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