Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

2019 Theme: Fruitful & Overflowing: Be Joyful

These resources are designed to help Girls’ Brigade members worldwide, make a positive impact as they work with girls and young women all around the world as together we explore our theme and see our amazing vision unfold.

This year our programme resource has been divided into 6 sub-themes.

Preparing the Soil and Planting the Seed
• Equip the Sower
• Caring for Creation
• Sow the Seed
• Be Loving
• Be Joyful
• Be Peaceful

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This Prayer Calendar is based on GB International’s 2019 theme:
‘Fruitful and Overflowing… Live Joyfully’.

It is designed to complement the GBI “Fruitful and Overflowing: Be Joyful” Programme Resource.

GBI will be providing you with a monthly prayer calendar and reflections.

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September reflection – Happiness and Joy

By Quindell Ferguson

Are joy and happiness the same? How are they different? Is there really any difference? If so, what’s all the ‘buzz’ about joy and happiness? They both make us smile, they both give us warm fuzzy feelings, and that should be good enough. Shouldn’t it?

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October reflection – God in the midst of difficulties

By Julie Brackenburg

Sharing our source of true JOY – our trust and relationship with Jesus and God – is what Girls’ Brigade is about. We have the privilege of walking alongside girls in their formative years – as youngsters, teenagers, young women – as they are setting their paths in life AND even more importantly the paths in which they will guide their families and communities.

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November Reflection – Reflections on God as a God of peace

By Verna Wright

As members of the Girls’ Brigade, when we engage our girls in activities teaching useful skills which can help them to earn a living and become independent, when we teach Christian values and attitudes through Godly counselling, when we teach them self discipline through drill and when we help them to interpret God’s word and apply it to themselves through bible drama, poetry or song or just by helping them to solve problems on a one-to one basis, we are demonstrating God’s peace.

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May Reflection – Sow the seed

By Renelle Neale

I live in a country where we have drought areas and very wet areas. Our Country is a very big island and we can cover four seasons in one day. Bush Fires and floods are happening all the time.  Everything is so unpredictable, each year the season seem to change, due to climate change.

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March Reflection – Creation Care – preparing and protecting the soil

By Sarah Dillon

Most of us will know the story of the farmer sowing seeds in Mark 4 v 1-20 where some seeds fell on the path, some fell on rocky ground, some fell among weeds and some fell in good soil. In the parable, Jesus teaches that when people hear God’s word they will react in different ways, either ignoring the word, hearing it but not accepting it, accepting God’s word but eventually becoming tempted by the world or fully accepting God’s word.

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June Reflection – Sow the seed, reaching out into your community

By Mrs Tay Poh Imm

There are so many little ways we can reach out to the community but do remember that we must reach out in God’s love and in so doing, show that we are Christ’s disciples. Without dependence on God and His love in our hearts, it would be difficult to sustain the service.

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July reflection – Loving God and others

By Aruk Omori

To love is the greatest law of God and love is an important virtue in life. That’s why God has called us to real and sincere love.

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January Reflection – Getting ourselves ready (Abiding in Christ)


I believe that every year that God gives us on this earth is to be a year where we are as productive as we can be for His work and as pleasing as we can be for His glory.

What does God say to us? He does have plenty to say about how we can maximise every year He gives us to reach our God-given potential to be what we ought to be, do what we ought to do and become what we ought to become.

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February Reflection – Focusing on gathering the tools

By Betty McComb

I send greetings from the Isle of Wight. Our motto is “All this beauty is of God” and everyday I thank God for the beauty that surrounds us.The New Year has begun and our farmers look to the future.

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December – Be a Peacemaker

By Lorna Child

Jesus was a peacemaker yet He was not afraid to challenge those around Him and there are many examples of this in the Bible.  In this month of December we celebrate His birth and take time to reflect on His influence in our lives.

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August reflection – Be loving, love ourselves

By Marina Sylvester

When I say that you need to love yourself ,I’m not referring to the stuck-up, prideful,worldly type of loving oneself (also known as self – worship) ; I’m talking about a concept of being thankful ,and appreciating the person who God has made in you. Loving yourself is based on humility and thankfulness. The two could not be more different. Low self-esteem – always seeing yourself as a failure, or less than those around you.

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