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Our mission is to encourage regional cooperation and advancement of Brigade for the transformation of the lives of Girls and enrichment of the world around us by being deliberate BEES for Christ in Building, Equipping, Extending and Serving in Christ’s kingdom.

You will need

Some seeds, pots or a place to do some planting, water and soil.


Ask members of your group to look at some seeds. If possible allow them to plant some. Discuss what they would EXPECT to happen to their planted seeds. Lead your group into a discussion about the farmer’s work, how he or she prepares the field, sows seeds and is expecting and anticipating a harvest of fruits. What kind of plant do you expect to get from your seed?


Display Galatians 6:7 ‘A person will reap exactly what he sows.’

As we live our lives we are planting seeds. Some people live their lives focused on their personal desires and are motivated by selfishness and self sufficiency. Others use their resources to spread love and kindness to others. If you are working with young people encourage the group to examine what kind of seeds they have planted in the last week and what expectation they have as a result. What we sow is what comes back in our life. Sowing selfish seeds will lead to a harvest of similar actions and will displease God whilst sowing seeds of kindness will reap blessing. If you are working with GB leaders consider what seed you are sowing and what fruit you are expecting in your GB group in the coming session. Let us be guided by the Spirit of God so that we use our resources in Girls’ Brigade with the expectation of seeing an increase of God’s kingdom here on earth.

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