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Be Expectant

Girls' Brigade Australia

By Girls' Brigade Australia

GB groups around Australia come in all shapes and sizes, working with many styles of Churches but all with the same aim – that girls will discover what it means to live life to the full in relationship with Jesus Christ.


Have the words of Matthew 24:44, the memory verse, on pictures of suitcases. Before the session begins, hide the words around the church or hall ’So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him’.


Talk about how we need to be prepared when we travel on holidays or camps. Produce a suitcase which you have pre-packed with selected items that would be needed for a trip (e.g.: clothes, shoes, nightwear, washing kit, passport, torch, money, ticket, Bible etc). Pull each item out when the items are mentioned as being needed and discuss why they are important.


Ask the group to find the words of the memory verse which are hidden round the room. Order the words and read the verse together. Explain to the group how we need to be prepared for when Jesus returns. We need to be ready, to expect him, because we do not know when He will return. As we need to prepare when we are going away so we need to prepare for the return of Jesus. Ask the group, what they will need to do to be prepared for Jesus’ return – live the kind of life that puts others first and do things which please God.

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