Reflection for January 2016 on the theme Be Courageous

July Reflection – Random Acts of Kindness

Renelle Neale

By Renelle Neale

Renelle, from New South Wales, Australia, was appointed as IVP for Pacific in April 2016.  She is married to John who is now retired, has four grown up children and four grandchildren with whom she loves to share time. Her family in their turn are her biggest supporters and encouragers!

Have you ever been struggling with your shopping, and the children are not very much help when you are trying to pack the car in the car park, then suddenly, a lady comes over to offer her assistance.  How do you react?  Is she going to take my bags or is she going to help?

I know what it is like to be struggling with life.  When my family was young, my husband John, and the company that he was working for went on strike for 6 weeks.  We also found out that our fourth child was on the way (Elizabeth). There was no money coming in, so once a week, I would take the girls and our son, and we would deliver the local newspaper to all the people around our area. This would help with our household expenses. Both of our parents would help with food for us, but we didn’t want to be dependent on them. Then one day sitting on our front doorstep was a box of groceries. We had no idea where the box had come from. This went on every couple of weeks. We think that it may have come from a neighbour or the Leaders of the local Girls’ Brigade we attended. No-one ever said anything and I could not thank them. In later years I have done the same to others, what was done to me in the earlier struggling years.

There are lots of ways of helping people. If you see a homeless person, buy them a cup of coffee/tea and a sandwich. Help at the local homeless centre (if you have one). Smile at someone who is looking down and say hello. This may help them through the day, a smile can go a long way.

Encourage your girls and young women to bring in a tin or a packet of food to Girls’ Brigade (when it is safe for you to meet again). This can then be put together for a family in need in your community.

In the Bible there are many stories that are told of people helping others, the Good Samaritan is one that often comes to mind. Tabitha helping the poor by making clothes.  In 1 Timothy chapter 5 verse 10, it tells us about showing hospitality to others, helping those who are troubled and washing the feet of the traveller.  There are lots of stories in the Bible that look at kindness to others.  If you have two of anything share it and this sharing will go onto bigger things.

At the time of writing this reflection, in outback New South Wales, Australia and other areas there is drought, we are praying for rain for them, but they are fast running out of water.  Our company is looking at ways we can help them.  One township where there is a Girls’ Brigade company has water to last 5 months, in some of the out lying areas there is no water at all. We are buying water and sending this to them to share around their community and families.

I challenge you to do at least four acts of kindness this month.


Renelle Neale
Pacific Fellowship

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