Reflection: March

Jill Clarke CNZM

By Jill Clarke CNZM

Jill has been one of GBI’s Vice Patrons since 2002.  She has served GB faithfully for many years being GB Asia & Pacific Chairman (1992 –1998) and GB International President (1998 – 2002).

I think it very interesting that many of the women named in the Bible were so courageous.

Think of: Esther putting her life on the line to go before the King to save her Jewish race (Esther 4 v 8–18). Or: Ruth who chose to go with Naomi into an unknown world and future, and align herself with Naomi’s God . (Ruth 1 v 16–18). Then: Reflect on young Mary who willingly obeyed God and courageously bore the scorn of all around to have the ‘Son of God’, Jesus Christ – the Messiah! (Luke 1 v 28–38)

I believe there are many girls and young women today who are being courageous in their own lives as they are faithful in their Christian belief and service.

In my own walk with God I have been challenged many times by opposition, general apathy, going places and doing things in which I thought I had no ability to succeed. However, I am able to say that when I simply put my faith in Jesus to work through me, He never left me, was always there encouraging, giving me a genuine love for all people and the right words to say.

What did I have to do? Put simply, I had to put my trust in HIM, not my own ability, and be ready to start.

I know of young women these days who are bold enough to do what God has put in their hearts.   Are you one of those? Don’t be put off by the opposition of others.  If you know it is God’s direction go for it! And be prepared for an amazing journey through life!

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