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Pass the Parcel

Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland

By Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland

Girls’ Brigade in Northern Ireland is one of the largest youth organisations in Northern Ireland, and part of Girls’ Brigade Europe.

You will need

Enough sweets/chocolates to share with your group, pre-printed stickers of scripture passages, sticky tape, facility to play music, wrapping paper.


Create a multi – layered parcel with the prize (sweets or chocolates) in the centre that people will enjoy. In each layer, include some verses of praise and adoration from the psalms. Play music and pass the parcel round. When the music stops, the next wrapper is removed and reveals a verse from a psalm. This is read out to the rest of the group. When the prize is revealed, have a message written on it, encouraging the winner to share it with the rest of the group.

Application /Reflection

Talk with your group that God is so good. Everything He gives and offers is greater than what we could imagine. The Lord is good to those whom have hope/expect from Him. (Lamentations 3:25) God wants to be good to you, but you have to be expecting Him to move in your life. Ask them did they expect to share the prize? Like the prize, God’s goodness isn’t just for our friends, but His goodness is available to all if we would come before Him expecting Him to shower us with His goodness. Like the prize, we can assume it’s not for us and our time has passed. Whether you see it or not, keep expecting because God is longing to be gracious to you. Isaiah 30:18

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