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Don’t settle for unfulfilled life

Ruth Chikasa

By Ruth Chikasa

Ruth works with Girls Brigade Zambia and is is part of the GB Zambia team that is already beginning to plan for our 2018 International Conference (ICGB) – expectant of all that God will do amongst us in our 125th year of mission amongst girls!

The story of the Fig Tree (Mark 11:20 -24)

Did you know that Expectancy is the key to the doorway of receiving God’s blessings?!  The story of the Fig tree is an interesting one.  Jesus and his disciples, having spent an eventful day the previous day, were on their way from Jerusalem to Bethany.  They must have chosen the route with a certain fig tree in mind, because they were hungry.  Unfortunately, they found no figs on this tree!  What a disappointment!

Jesus and his friends were expectant as they drew closer to the tree, but alas, the tree was fruitless.  Jesus curses the tree.

The lesson in the story is on the way back when they find the tree dried up!  When the disciples see that the tree has withered, they are surprised.

Yet Jesus, tells them, “Have faith in God”.  In other words, expect God to act when you pray.  The only stipulation for moving mountains is expectancy and not doubt.  Expectancy is the attitude you need after you have stepped out in faith; this is the attitude that needs to carry you clear to the completion of God’s promises.

Jesus said, “therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. In other words, be expectant. Ask God to do something and believe he will answer your prayer.

  • What is it that you are expecting God to do in your life, this year?
  • How are you preparing for that?

It’s easy to settle for living an unfilled life, because we don’t raise our expectancy of ourselves or of God, so I encourage you – expect great things to happen in your life.

Most of us believe that God is powerful, but at the same time, we do not trust him to move the mountains that hinder us from experiencing fullness of life.  Take God at his word and expect an abundant life. Go ahead and be expectant, God will come through for you.

Ruth Chikasa
GB Zambia Past president Girls’ Brigade International

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