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Expect the unexpected

Alison Margetts

By Alison Margetts

Laison Margetts is State Commissioner for GB in Tasmania, Australia

Anna (Luke 2:22,36-38) had been a widow for many years. She lived in a society that placed her on the lower level due to her gender, her lack of family, and her advanced age.

Yet Anna didn’t care nor worry what the world saw, she spent her time in the temple worshiping her Lord and expecting to see great things. Anna was aware that one day the promised Messiah would come.

Anna had a willingness to be in God’s presence, to be a servant and to worship expectantly.

Anna’s focus in life was to spend quality time with God. Her relationship wasn’t affected by her circumstances or the situation she found herself in. Anna knew she must stay in line with God.

Anna dared to be a servant till the end. Instead of enjoying retirement Anna remained focused on serving the Lord. Her passion was to share with others the good news of the coming Messiah, regardless of how long it was before he came. Anna is an example of a Godly women who worked for the Lord and expected great things to occur. Anna was richly rewarded when she saw and recognised the Messiah who through his life would scatter darkness and transform Gods people.

Anna worshiped the Lord with an expectant heart. She prayed, worshiped, and listened to her Maker. Do your life situations get in the way of worshiping our God?

Are you expecting to be used by God within your part of the world and within your circumstances?
Do you eagerly look forward to doing God’s mission with an expectation that you will make a difference in someone’s life?
Are you expecting Christ’s light and love to shine in all you do?

Embrace where Christ has placed you and expect to see the unexpected.

Ali Margetts

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